The weekend releases new music video ‘OUT OF TIME’


The Weeknd’s audiovisual proposals are increasingly daring and shocking. With his previous album he was able to build a whole conceptual narrative that he seems to want to repeat with his most recent studio album: Dawn FM. It is clear that Out of time continues the events we saw in Gasoline.


And it is not the only great attraction of a video in which the Canadian has signed HoYeon Jung, one of the stars of The Squid Game, as co-star and Jim Carrey as the doctor responsible for his time in the operating room.

It is then that what looks like a rnb video, romantic and full of sweetness turns into a heartbreaking story that leaves even the viewer with a bad body. Death? Murder? Change of face to escape?

During the last few days, Abel Tesfaye (real name of the soloist) has been leaving some clues on his social networks about what the release of this videoclip, Out of time, meant, and asked by many users he made it clear that as with his previous elepé, the videos had to be seen in a very specific order.