Selena Gomez Revealed Her Secret Trick For Staying In «Addictive» Honeymoon Stage With The Weeknd


Selena Gomez admitted that she finds the honeymoon stage of a relationship quite addictive. Her trick to staying in that particular period as long as possible is shocking, on the other hand.

Selena Gomez is extremely in love with The Weeknd, and she says that the current period of their relationship is her favorite part of a romance.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1, she explained that the new single Bad Liar is about the honeymoon stage of a relationship.

‘I’m a girl and I love that [honeymoon stage] feeling. That feeling is so addictive to me and I always need to wrap it into some sort of song I’m writing or working on.’

Even if she didn’t mention her boyfriend’s name directly, they certainly appear to be still in the honeymoon period, and there is also a reason for which they are able to make it last for so long.

She confessed that she likes to keep things exciting and maybe sometimes distance is also good for a relationship.

Ever since the two of them were spotted for the first time together back in January, The Weeknd has been on tour most of the time.

Selena joined him at plenty of shows, but they have also spent a considerable amount of time apart.

Even if things are going great between the two, Selena knows she is far from being an expert on love. She confessed to the radio’s host that a lot of time has passed since she has been at it.

She said that it is possible that she is currently figuring things out.

This article was originally published by: Celebrity Insider