Mike Posner Pays Tribute to Avicii, Tracy Chapman in ‘Move On’ Video


Mike Posner catalogs two years of tragic events but resolves to fight through his grief in new single “Move On.” The instrumentation is sunny: firm strums on guitar, a disco bass line, a resolute four-on-the-floor beat. But the “Move On” video contains footage of Posner’s father, who died after battling brain cancer, and the producer Avicii, Posner’s friend and collaborator, who committed suicide in 2018. The singer-songwriter also informs viewers that he broke up with his girlfriend and that he still cries sometimes when he’s by himself. Despite these obstacles, Posner remains committed to regaining equilibrium eventually. “I wish Tracy Chapman was my friend/ She would know exactly what to say,” he sings. “Beginnings always hide themselves in ends/ At some point I will be okay.” “Move On” will appear on Posner’s upcoming third album, A Real Good Kid, out January 18th. The singer-songwriter plans to implement an unusual promotional strategy: In March, he will start walking across America, beginning a nine-month journey that will start at the Atlantic Ocean and end at the Pacific.


This article was originally writing by: Rolling Stone US