Lil Nas X causes controversy with photos of his «pregnancy»


‘Montero’ is the title of the artist’s next work to which he will ‘give birth’ on September 17.

If the expectations around the new Lil Nas X album were through the roof, the latest publication of the singer has managed to directly skyrocket. Montero will be the title of the Old Town Road interpreter’s next work and will be released on September 17, specifically when Lil Nas X «gives birth.» After showing a cover that has been considered a true visual fantasy, some first-rate collaborations between his tracklist with names like Elton John, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion or Miley Cyrus, now Lil Nas X has made a most illustrative analogy about how has been the process of creating your new album. As if it were a pregnancy and Montero was her baby, she has presented it that way. A fairly common comparison in the musical world but rarely as graphic and impressive as the artist has taught.

The ‘pregnancy’ of Lil Nas X that has caused a furor It has been through his latest post on Instagram that Lil Nas X has started the countdown to the launch with a pregnant photoshoot. Dressed entirely in white, with a flower crown on his head and an unbuttoned shirt that reveals his pregnant belly, a very pregnant Lil Nas X exclaimed: «» Surprise! I can’t believe I’m finally announcing this! . My bundle of joy Montero comes out on September 17, 2021. ”A post in which in addition to including three photos in the purest style of the antepartum session has also added a final image of an ultrasound and… surprise! you see through the small black and white screen? Your baby, that is, the applauded cover for Montero.