Learn All of the Fun Facts in Selena Gomez’s ‘Pop-Up’ Version of ‘Lose You to Love Me’ Video


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Did you know the line «This dance was killing me softly» in Selena Gomez’s No. 1 hit «Lose You to Love Me» is a reference to the Fugees’ 1996 classic «Killing Me Softly»? Or that Hot Cheetos are something she’ll never lose and always love?

The popstar released a special version of her «LYTLM» music video today (Jan. 15) that has fun facts popping up at the bottom of the screen for viewers to learn about.

The same black-and-white music video that director Sophia Muller shot on an iPhone 11 gets an information overload, telling fans know how the animated masterpiece came to be with «Did You Know?» blurbs. Muller apparently shot the music in black-and-white to accompany the aesthetic of her «The Heart Wants What it Wants» visual from 2014.

The music video director also «completely scrapped and re-picked new wallpaper the day before the video shoot,» according to the video, and Muller’s ancient Damask pick goes back to the early middle ages in the Byzantine and Middle Eastern regions.

As for the barefoot songstress (yes, she was barefoot the whole time), she was asked to act out the emotions in the song in front of the camera, hence her angry, sad and happy faces overlapping each other. But Gomez’s theatrical facial expressions are no surprise to her fans who’ve seen the «Back to You» music video-turned-silent film from 2018.

One thing viewers missed from the music video originally released two months ago was footage of her playing the entire emotive ballad on the piano, but it unfortunately didn’t make the final cut.

Watch the pop-up version of the «Lose You To Love Me» music video below.

This article was originally published by: Billboard