Lauren Jauregui Teases Steve Aoki Collaboration “All Night”


Lauren Jauregui posted a studio pic with Steve Aokiway back in February, but we finally got a taste of their collaboration, “All Night” (due November 17). “You got me paralyzed and I think I like it, got me by surprise — I’m not usually like this, no,” the Fifth Harmony vocalist belts over dancehall beats. “Got me paralyzed, don’t think I can help it,” she sings on the chorus. “Why’s it feel so right? Let’s keep this going all night.” That’s followed by an explosion of synths. Needless to say, Lauren has a banger on her hands.

Steve opened up about the collaboration in a Billboard profile earlier this year. “It’s going to be something people won’t expect,” he said of “All Night.” “We’re definitely working on stuff in the studio and I want to nail it.” The DJ the sang Lauren’s praises: “She’s one of my favorite singers, so for me it’s really exciting to work with her because I really love her ideas. We’re on the same page about so many different things that it’s going to be an exciting record that we do together. Expect the unexpected.”

Listen to a snippet below.

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