Google Doodle Celebrates 4th of July Recipes


Happy (early) Fourth of July!

If you’ve been on Google, by now you’ve seen the day’s Google Doodle, a cute, pastel-colored book whose cover shows stars and stripes and a smiling Statue of Liberty holding up a pink ice cream cone.

The book, as it turns out, is a cook book. And if you click on the interactive Doodle, you can scroll through a series of recipes, one for each state and territory. The featured goodies have been selected from highly searched recipes for each state over the past 12 months based on Google Trends data.

To figure out what is what, just click on the interactive map, with yummy markings like Snow Cream in North Carolina and hamburgers in North Dakota. There’s also ceviche in Florida and pozole in New Mexico. Each dish name comes with a brief explanation of its origins and a link to a recipe online.

You can play with the entire book here.

And although hard to choose a favorite, we like the Puerto Rican tembleque and the salmon cakes from Virginia. Enjoy!

This article was originally published by: Billboard