Fergie may have officially left the Black Eyed Peas


The M.I.L.F. $ singer has been doing the whole solo thing for a very long time now, so if these reports are true, this won’t come as a huge shock especially as it was recently suggested that Fergie might have been replaced by Nicole Scherzinger who has been seen mingling and singing with the other three members of the band. After rumours started swirling around that the only female member of the band had been given the boot, Hollywood Life claimed that this wasn’t true and that the 42-year-old left the band due to some ‘creative differences.’

An insider told the publication: ‘Fergie and the [Black Eyed Peas] have parted ways.

‘She wasn’t “kicked out.” It was more a case of they had run their course together and were experiencing creative differences.’

The insider continued: ‘Fergie has been focusing on her solo career a lot, and she wants to head in a different direction music-wise, so it was time to move on.‘Plus, she doesn’t want to be part of a band anymore, there are a lot of egos at play here, let’s just leave it at that. It was actually Fergie’s decision to leave, and the guys weren’t too happy about it initially, but they’re cool now and just looking forward to the future.’

These comments come days after Fergie announced that she was leaving Interscope Records (the label the band are signed with) to work on her second solo album, Double Duchess under her new label, BMG.

And a few hours after she tweeted this, BEP member Taboo Nawasha tweeted a pic of the band before Fergie joined them and wrote: ‘Classic @bep #95TillInfinity’ and fans were quick to call him out on the shade.

One wrote: ‘Fergie has always been supportive to all the group. why you’re acting shady and babyish right now?’

While another shady Fergie fan jumped to her defence and added: ‘I’ll miss Fergie’s 3 backing vocals…’

He even unfollowed her on Instagram and then re-followed her, suggesting that there was some sort of tension between the group.

Considering these guys have been asking us Where Is The Love? since 2003, we hope they can find that love, get rid of any bad blood and hopefully give their fans a reunion one day.

This article was originally published by: Metro