Demi Lovato Shares A Preview Of Her Sexy “Sorry Not Sorry” Video


Demi Lovato ramped up the excitement for her “Sorry Not Sorry” visual, which drops tomorrow (July 19), by posting a sexy preview. The neon-drenched clip reveals the set-up. The Confident diva threw a house party on June 29 and filmed the shenanigans for her upcoming video. That explains the presence of random celebrities like Paris Hilton and Wiz Khalifa. They were simply party guests. It’s a cute concept and allows Demi to shine in her natural habitat! She also gets to wear a sexy swimsuit, which is a plus.

The pop star struggled chart-wise on her last album, but that’s about to change. The Oak-produced bop hasn’t left the iTunes top 10 since it dropped (an impressive feat) and is gaining serious momentum on pop radio. When you throw in Demi’s celebrity endorsements and a soon-to-be viral video, “Sorry Not Sorry” could turn out to be her biggest hit to date. Get a taste of the video up top and watch another snippet below. The 24-year-old means business this time around!

This article was originally published by: Idolator