deadmau5 Drops Single ‘Let Go’

Jess Baumung

Hot off the heels of “4ware,” deadmau5 is back with an even loftier offering from his highly-anticipated W:/2016ALBUM. At 11 and a half minutes, “Let Go” is a journey over hard synth plains and rolling emotional hills.

Grabbitz’s voice grabs the listener from the very start as deadmau5’s signature sonic atmospheres slowly rise through the moody mists. The first few minutes could be a hymn for all its cinematic flourishes strings, then the synthetic rhythm kicks.

It’s a wild ride of a tune, something to whet your appetite for more classic deadmau5 fare. The album is available for pre-order online. Hear “Let Go” and check the full tracklist below.

W:/2016ALBUM/ tracklist:

1.    4ware

2.    2448

3.    Cat Thruster

4.    Deus Ex Machina

5.    Gish

6.    Imaginary Friends

7.    Let Go (feat. Grabbitz)

8.    No Problem

9.    Snowcone

10.  Three Pound Chicken Wing

11.  Whelk Then