Cardi B ‘Nervous’ Over VMAs Opening But She’s Planning Something ‘Spectacular & Memorable


Cardi B will be opening tomorrow’s VMAs at Radio City Hall — but is she feeling ready for her big performance ahead of her? A source close to Cardi told us how she’s already getting some butterflies in her stomach. “Offsetwon’t be going to the VMAs as he’s performing in Toronto on Monday with Migos and Drake, so Cardi’s going it alone, and she’s already sick with nerves, but in a good way,” our source said. “Cardi always gets super nervous before any kind of event, and the VMAs has got an extra edge to it because it will be her first appearance since giving birth.”

When it comes down to it, it’ll be nice for Cardi to take a break from her mom duties and bring down the house at the VMAs in a “spectacular” way. “Cardi’s been in this wondrous mommy bubble since Kulture arrived, and it’s been all about baby pretty much 24-7, but she’s been gradually pulling herself back into the outside world again over the past couple of weeks, and getting herself ready to hit the stage,” our source went on to say. “It’s going to be weird at first, switching again to full-on Gangsta Cardi, and leaving mommy Cardi back at home for a few hours, but hey, if there’s one thing Cardi really loves, and really excels at, it’s making an entrance, and you can bet your life that whatever she’s got planned, it’s going to be something pretty spectacular and memorable!”

We reported earlier how Cardi might have an awkward run-in during tomorrow’s awards show. We here at HollywoodLife were able to get a glimpse of the seating chart for the VMAs and guess who is sitting right across the aisle from Cardi? None other than her frenemy Nicki Minaj. Time, and not a lot of it, will tell whether their feud will come to a head or not.

This Article was originally writing by: Hollywood Life