Billie Ellish just dropped the trailer for A Love Letter to L.A


the visual counterpart to her critically acclaimed sophomore album, Happier Than Ever — which will premiere exclusively on Disney+ on Friday, September 3rd.

“I definitely have fantasies about L.A. — a whole different world interwoven with my world,” the star says, via voiceover, in the clip. “It’s a concert film, but it’s also a story at the same time.”

When Eilish’s voice acknowledges the “beautiful version of old Hollywood” she hopes to portray, the image of her on screen transforms as if she were bopped by her fairy godmother’s wand to become a cartoon character that’s equal parts badass Billie and guileless Cinderella. The blinding headlights of a silver Porsche convertible flash and Billie screeches out of the parking lot of the storied Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. “I’ve never done anything like this,” she says, before adding that “we all have these idealized versions of ourselves in our head” and sharing that the project is about “a dream come true.”