Billie Eilish is Back for That Same Interview Three Years in a Row



It’s safe to say Billie Eilish gets a lot of press these days, but sometimes it feels all too familiar. That’s because the «Bad Guy» singer sat down with Vanity Fair for «year three» of the same interview she did with the magazine in 2017 and 2018.

Not only has her Instagram follower count drastically climbed over the years — from 257,000 fans in 2017 to 6.3 million in 2018 to a reported whopping number of 40.7 million followers this year («Wow, that’s crazy,» she commented) — but Eilish’s confidence has tremendously grown as she’s grown up.

This time around, she lists a lot more celebrities in her phone — including «Hotline Bling» megastar rapper Drake, whom she claims is «the nicest dude I have ever spoken to.» And the biggest things to happen in her career have only gotten bigger and bigger, from being Apple Music’s Up Next Artist in 2017 to being the season opener for Saturday Night Live, selling out a headlining arena tour, being on the covers of Rolling Stone, Elle and Billboard (not to mention she was just announced as our 2019 Woman of the Year), having a No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, having a No. 1 album on the Billboard 200, and, of course, having Drake’s digits all within the course of 2019.

«Success is not how well people know you, it’s how you’re looked at…. I can’t believe people care so much about me,» she said about her success in 2020.

Check out a more mature Eilish tackle the same questions and reflect on her even younger self below.

This article was originally published by: Billboard