A New Era Begins! Katy Perry Announces “Never Really Over”

It’s official! After weeks of speculation, Katy Perry has confirmed that her fifth album era will begin on May 31 with the arrival of “Never Really Over.” She unveiled the cover art on social media this morning (May 28) and it finds the pop star rocking a long, tangerine wig and matching make-up. There’s something warm and goddess-like about the 34-year-old’s orange-themed artwork, which will hopefully be reflected in the music. A snippet is yet to arrive, but those in the know are describing it as a throwback to big, Teenage Dream-era pop.

“Never Really Over” is Katy’s first solo release (excluding a one-off Christmas song and soundtrack contributions) in nearly two years. Of course, she has kept us fed in the meantime with a couple of features and the absurdly catchy “Con Calma” remix. The latter is still shooting up the charts and could result in the hitmaker enjoying two smash hits at once. It would be too dramatic to call this a comeback, but after the underperforming Witness era, Katy does have a point (or two) to prove. Check out the stunning cover below.

Are you excited for Katy’s new single? 

This article was originally writing by: Idolator.com