Zayn is an International Man of Mystery in Epic ‘Let Me’ Video: Watch


Zayn Malik is mixed up with some seriously bad hombres in the action thriller video for «Let Me,» the first single from the singer’s upcoming second album. The high-production clip for the sensual R&B track dropped Thursday morning (Apr. 12) and it’s the latest mini-thriller to drop Malik into an action scenario, in this case one seemingly inspired by the original narcotrafficers series Miami Vice.

The glossy visual — a sequel to the equally dramatic «Dusk Til Dawn» video — was developed by Zayn in collaboration with director/producer Jose Padilha (appropriately of Narcos fame) and it features iconic bad guy actor Steven Bauer (Scarface) as a kingpin trying to keep Zayn under his thumb. It opens with Malik visiting the Bauer’s palatial apartment to drop off a black briefcase, with the singer openly ogling the boss’ girlfriend. After a midnight bag drop to some armed thugs, cut to a club where Zayn makes a delivery to Bauer and dream-like images of the singer hooking up with the mystery woman.

Or was it a dream? Sensing sexual tension in the club, Bauer sic’s his henchmen on Zayn, who dispatches them with easy thanks to his killer fighting chops. All along, spare, earworm track bubbles under as Zayn works his magic in his signature falsetto. «Baby let me be your man/ So I can love you/ And if you let me be your man/ Then I’ll take care of you, you,» he sings in the chorus. The cliff-hanger video ends with a simple acoustic guitar strum and the repeated phrase «Ror the rest of my life, for the rest of yours/ For the rest of ours,» as the new couple jet off into the sunset in a giant cigarette boat.

The slinky song was produced by Zayn and MYKL (the British production team that worked with the singer on his Pillowtalk single) and according to a press release it was written and recorded at Jimi Hendrix’s iconic Electric Lady Studios in New York. The single is the first song from Zayn’s as-yet-untitled sophomore album, the follow up to his 2016 solo debut, Mind of Mine.

This article was originally published by: Billboard