Zara Larsson’s Work From Home Situation Is Extremely Relatable: Exclusive

Zara Larsson
Erik Henriksson

Zara Larsson

Like many people around the world, Zara Larsson has been working from home since the global coronavirus pandemic. The Swedish singer showed off her home studio for Billboard‘s «First Stream+» IGTV series, giving fans a look at her workspace while also discussing her new song «Love Me Land.»

«When I’m not in a real studio,» begins the singer, who returned to Sweden when L.A. shut down over the pandemic. She then moves over to her work area, avoiding revealing too much of what many of us would probably try to hide from visiting eyes too.

«I’m trying not to show my really messy room!» Larsson confesses before showing off her home studio. «It’s actually really good to come here and put down some ideas, which is something I’ve never done before quarantine, but it’s really cool, and I’m trying my best to become a producer.»

But first and foremost, she’s a singer and songwriter — and she’s got a new tune called «Love Me Land» (out Friday, July 10) to discuss. «It was the last song that I wrote for the album,» shares Larsson, who first found fame at age 10 in 2008, when she won Talang, Sweden’s version of Got Talent. «I wrote it one day before the quarantine came and everything closed down in L.A. … I wrote it with Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels, who are responsible for like, pretty much all the best pop songs.»

The pop star shares that she’s incredibly excited about her new single. «The song is kind of a lot, and I wanted the video to be kind of a lot too, but at the same time, keep it expensive, keep it very stylish,» she explains as clips from the video, which show her dancing in a mesh outfit with a blinged-out crop top and bikini bottom, play.

She went on to explain that although «Love Me Land» sounds like it could be the name of an amusement park, it’s more a state of mind. «It’s a place in your mind or in your heart where you feel like I can love again, like I can be free, I can be myself, I can express myself,» she shares. «I feel like the video is a representation of that.»

See what else Larsson has to say about her new song and its vibe in her IGTV video below!