The Morning Beat

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La nueva propuesta radial mezclará los ritmos de 100.1 FM, su energía electrónica, más el talento de dos jóvenes influyentes que han sabido entretener a una audiencia con ganas de sonreír, explicaron los promotores durante un encuentro de prensa en el restaurant Lulú.

Iamdra y Carlos unen sus voces para estimular a quienes desean escuchar algo más que noticias o el contenido usual de nuestra actualidad, expresó Ricardo Antonio Espaillat, director de la emisora.

“The Morning Beat” serán dos horas llenas de música y segmentos “creativamente locos para que ninguna mañana sea igual”.

Entre sus 18 segmentos figura “Weird News”: noticias del espectáculo interpretadas por nuestros talentos desde la piel de un nuevo personaje cada vez. Hoy como un payaso de cumpleaños, mañana como un robot, ¡la semana que viene vaya a usted a saber!

“Dime algo bueno”:  Segmento donde los conductores comparten situaciones positivas y el público se une a través de redes sociales y llamadas telefónicas.

“Érase una Vez”: será un micro-cuento chistoso sobre algo que ya no utilizamos como un beeper, teléfono de disco, entre otros. Una apuesta por el humor que contrasta con el estrés del tapón mañanero, sin otro objetivo que despertar el optimismo y la alegría de la audiencia, explicaron los protagonistas, indicó Espaillat.

El director de 100.1 FM sostuvo que «The Morning Beat es un proyecto en el que un gran equipo de profesionales, durante nueve meses, trabajó con el objetivo de lograr un programa de excelente combinación entre segmentos que enganchen y buena música, siguiendo la visión de 100.1 de ser la emisora de mejor calidad musical y entretenimiento».

Iamdra, en cambio, destacó que después de casi nueve meses de trabajo, agregó, “nos sentimos súper orgullosos de lo que hemos logrado con la producción de The Morning Beat». Para Carlos Durán, «este programa ha sido un verdadero parto, aunque ella se tomó eso más en serio de la cuenta”.

Iamdra llega a la radio con una trayectoria mediática reconocida y más de 380 mil seguidores en Instagram, y él, con más de 1 millón de subscriptores en YouTube, convirtiéndose “en una garantía perfecta para hacer de cada mañana algo diferente en 100.1 FM”, resaltó Espaillat.






Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been added to the lineup of performers for the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.

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Grande will use the platform of the May 22 BBMAs to perform new music from her forthcoming third album, Dangerous Woman. Due out May 20, Dangerous Woman is the follow-up to the pop singer’s No. 1 album My Everything from September 2014 (her debut Yours Truly also topped the Billboard 200 in September 2013).

Meanwhile, Shelton and Stefani are confirmed to deliver their duet «Go Ahead And Break My Heart,” a song they wrote and perform on Shelton’s 10th and most recent album release, If I’m Honest. The Voice judges and off-screen lovers warmed up for the BBMAs with a performance of the song live on the TV talent quest.

The Queen of Pop will pay homage to another member of music royalty, Prince, at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.

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Organizers today announced Madonna’s participation in what promises to be one of the highlights of this year’s BBMAs. The legendary pop singer will pay tribute to her good friend and fellow artist, who unexpectedly passed away April 21 at the age of 57. Details on her tribute to the late music great remain a closely-guarded secret.


Alessia Cara & Her Friends Are ‘Wild Things’ in New Video

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Alessia Cara and her friends hit the streets and let loose in the singer’s new «Wild Things» music video.

Alessia Cara Gets Support From Logic on ‘Here’ Remix: Listen

The 19-year-old opens the video with visuals and typography that nod to Spike Jonze’s 2009 film Where the Wild Things Are, introducing her cast of friends with a voice over, saying, «To me, ‘where the wild things are’ is a place that exists in our minds. It’s a place of liberty and shamelessness. It can take a split second of our lifetime to find it, but once you do you’ll be free.»

Alessia Cara’s ‘Here’ Completes Record Climb to No. 1 on Pop Songs Chart

The video follows the group as they hang out, play music, take pictures, light off fireworks and stay up all night. The song is an ode to friendship outside of conformity and Cara and Co. make it look appealing, as they define their own sense of what’s cool.


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Beyoncé was the MVP mom at a school fundraiser on Saturday night (March 5). During the Center for Early Education’s 75th Anniversary Gala in Los Angeles, the “Formation” singer busted out her cover of “I Will Always Love You,” the Dolly Parton song that became a No. 1 hit when Whitney Houston covered it for the 1992 movie The Bodyguard.

Beyoncé invited the crowd to sing along to the famous song’s chorus, and it sounds like a few kids in the front row got the chance of a lifetime to duet with Queen Bey.

Though Blue Ivy’s kindergarten locale hasn’t been confirmed, Beyoncé’s appearance at the gala added to the rumors that her four-year-old daughter has been attending the Center for Early Education. Either way, Bey’s surprise performance was sure to make an impression on the grade schoolers in attendance.


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if you’ve ever been to a Shawn Mendes concert before, you know that his fervent, loyal fans know every word of every song, making his shows feel more like community singalongs than anything else. But when the “Stitches” singer performed at New York’s Radio City Music Hall over the weekend, he stunned and (almost) silenced the sold-out crowd by debuting three never-before-heard songs.

After roaring through a hit-packed setlist that included past singles like “Life of the Party” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” Shawn slowed it down for “Ruin,” a yearning, slow-burning tune that finds him wondering if that special someone’s thinking about him as much as he’s thinking about her. Shawn previously teased that we can expect more electric guitar and more John Mayer vibes on his new music, and “Ruin” follows through on that promise with its bluesy soulfulness.


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Remember those two Irish lads who stitched four Adele songs together into a super-impressive medley? It turns out Adele was impressed by them, too.

The “Hello” singer invited Ronan Scolard and Glenn Murphy to join her onstage at Dublin’s 3Arena on Saturday (March 5) and perform their hybrid cover for the sold out crowd. Apparently she cried when she first watched the video the boys had put together — and it looks like she also had to hold back tears while singing along to the live version a day later.


“I swear to God they did not know that I was going to do this,” said Adele after bringing the two singers up to the stage. She had a piano and a pair of microphones set up just for them, and while they looked shocked at being asked to perform, Scolard and Murphy quickly got over their stage fright.

This version of the medley might be even more stirring than the original recording — because hey, knowing Adele is watching is probably guaranteed to up your game.

“Hard to believe this actually happened,” wrote Scolard on Facebook. “So proud, and so incredibly grateful!”