This Year’s Met Gala Will Be Co-Chaired By


The 2017 Met Gala theme has been announced. The focus will be on Comme des Garçons’s designer Rei Kawakubo, which is pretty crazy in and of itself. This makes Kawakubo only the second living designer to be honored at the annual exhibit, following Yves Saint Laurent in 1983. Since Comme des Garçons is known not only for avant-garde looks that shape the figure in dramatic ways, but also for iconic street style items, the event calls for some experimental co-chairs.

According to People, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen will co-chair the event, which they’ve been attending since 2008. Anna Wintour will be hosting alongside Katy Perry and Pharrell, who worked on a perfume with Comme des Garçons for his Girlalbum in 2014. Read on for a quick preview of what we expect to see on May 1 when the gallery doors are finally opened and the red carpet rolls out.

This article originally appeared on PopSugar