The Weeknd will release his fifth album, «Dawn FM», this Friday.


The Weeknd has participated in Rosalía’s most recent song, the bachata «La Fama».

The Weeknd, one of today’s most globally successful artists, today made a surprise announcement that his fifth studio album will be released imminently this Friday and will be definitively titled «Dawn FM».

«You’ve been too long in the dark and it’s time to wake up to the light and accept your destiny with open arms,» whispers the voiceover of a radio announcer in the video posted on his networks, in which the Canadian anticipates «a new sound universe».


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In it he discovers a series of prestigious collaborators: Tyler The Creator, Lil Wayne and Onethrix Point Never, as well as actor Jim Carrey. Also featured is the veteran Quincy Jones, producer of Michael Jackson’s most emblematic albums: «Off The Wall», «Thriller» and «Bad», as well as the song «We Are The World».