The Weeknd Gets Reckless in Sin City for Twisted ‘Blinding Lights’ Video


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The Weeknd looks to keep the ball rolling into 2020. Abel dropped off the twisted «Blinding Lights» video on Tuesday (Jan. 21), which finds the singer continuing his intoxicating trip to Las Vegas that began with his «Heartless» visual from December.

The XO singer wakes up in a trance while sweating and breathing heavily with blood staining his teeth. He gets up with a demonic smirk and recklessly takes his Mercedes-Benz convertible for a spin away from the Vegas Strip. The Toronto native has flashbacks to getting beat up and thrown out of the club earlier in the night, which explains all of the blood and bruises along with him being on the run to get to a safe place.

The Uncut Gems star will be taking his talents to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, when he’s expected to perform his latest hit single. A new Weeknd era is upon us, as «Heartless» topped the Hot 100, while «Blinding Lights» debuted at No. 11 and currently sits at No. 39.

Watch the video below.

This article was originally published by: Billboard