The Inspiring Reason Kyrzayda Rodriguez Kept Blogging Until Her Final Days

Update: Following a 10-month battle with stomach cancer, blogger Kyrzayda Rodriguez passed away on September 9. Last month, she revealed that she was stopping her cancer treatments. «Chemo and radiation will be discontinued because it is not working the way I hoped it would,» Rodriguez wrote. «I have decided to stop these treatments so that I can enjoy the rest of my time with my friends and family and to be as pain free as possible.» Followers have taken to social media to express their condolences and share her story in hundreds of posts under the hashtag #YouInspireUsKyrzayda. Refinery29 spoke with Rodriguez a few weeks prior to her death, and she shared why she never wore a wig, how her followers brought her joy, and why she never gave up on her passion.
Recently, the blogger announced that she is ending cancer treatment to live her days pain-free with friends and family. And still, her optimism remains strong. «What is supposed to happen will happen,» she wrote. «I am not mad. I am grateful for all of the opportunities I have been blessed with.» With this spirit, followers continue to root for her, which can be seen in the thousands of comments left on her photos. It’s because of this support that she continues to push forward, not letting cancer stop her from being the blogger she always felt she was meant to be. Rodriguez spoke to us about her journey, the impact that Instagram has had on her fight, and why she’s not giving up.
This article was originally writing by: Refinery 29