The Follow-Up To “Sucker”! Jonas Brothers Announce New Single “Cool”


The Jonas Brothers staged an epic comeback in March when “Sucker,” their first single in six years, topped the Billboard Hot 100. The iconic trio would be forgiven for resting on their laurels for at least a couple of weeks, but they are determined to keep the Jo Bros revival in full swing. The band’s next single is called “Cool” and it drops on Friday (April 5).

It will be interesting to see if “Cool” generates as much love as “Sucker.” There was definitely an element of nostalgia in that song’s success, but it will soon dissipate if they don’t keep delivering A-grade pop/rock. Not that fans should be too concerned. The Jonas Brothers are working with all the best songwriters and producers (Ryan Tedder, Frank Dukes and Louis Bell) and seem intent on making their comeback last. With any luck, the guys will announce the title and release date of their fifth LP in the coming weeks.

See the cover of “Cool” below.