The Chainsmokers Drop ‘Somebody’ Remixes


The Chainsmokers have the dance-pop market sufficiently cornered, but the duo tried its hand at a more R&B-tinged sound with its recent single «Somebody,» featuring Drew Love from THEY. It’s a turn that works. Fans have listened to «Somebody» more than 36 million times on Spotify. Now, it’s time to give the tune a kick in the pants with a remix package.

Fans get six remixes in total. It starts with an upbeat take from Riggi & Piros. A quick build leads to fast tempos and serious club vibes. The Bay area’s T-Massbrings a big boost of bass for his take, while Australian producer Naderi gives it a wobbly, interstellar groove. The duo’s fellow Angeleno Fluencee brings «Somebody» a futuristic shimmer, Sydney’s Sippy puts a hefty half-time beat to work, and Ruhde rounds it out with a sunset groove.

«Somebody» currently sits at No. 8 on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart. Give the song some new legs with one of these remixes below.

This article was originally published by: Billboard