The 10 Best Camila Cabello Covers & Remixes: Critic’s Picks


If you’re gonna strike out from the band and go solo, you’ve got to have talent to stand on. Camila Cabello got her start in Fifth Harmony, a five-person girl group formed on the hit talent TV show The X Factor. Cabello helped record one EP and two full-length albums with her fellows before deciding she had enough of the x-factor to make it as a one-woman show.

Her departure didn’t shock too many. She’d already found success as a solo artist on hit singles «I Know What You Did Last Summer» with Shawn Mendes and «Bad Things» with Machine Gun Kelly. Now, her debut solo LP is on its way, and advance single «Havana» featuring Young Thug currently sits at no. 2 on the Hot 100 chart. Her star is only rising, as she prepares to receive a Women in Music award from Billboard, alongside artists like Kelly Clarkson and Kehlani.

To put it frankly, Cabello is having a moment, and when people have a moment, they get covered and remixed by the best in the business. Let’s further honor Cabello’s career so far with a look at some of the coolest, funkiest, and most imaginative covers and remixes of her catalog.

Major Lazer – «Know No Better» Feat. Travis Scott, Quavo & Camila Cabello (Bad Bunny Remix)

This isn’t a remix in the sense of Bad Bunny re-producing its catchy hook and quirky flourishes. Instead, the Puerto Rican rapper threw down a fresh new verse in Spanish, for a rare bilingual Major Lazer track. The Quavo part is the only element that’s missing.

Major Lazer – «Know No Better» Feat. Travis Scott & Camila Cabello (Afrojack Remix)

If a real, poppin’ club remix is what you had in mind, look no further than Afrojack’s classy, sparkling rework. The track sounds like it’s been dipped in 24 karat gold. It shimmers through your speakers with a disco piano groove, and because it’s Afrojack, you know there’s a solid big room drop.

Camila Cabello Feat. Daddy Yankee – «Havana» (Remix)

Cabello was born in Cuba and raised in Miami. She learned to love trap music in the south Floridian city’s streets, and her collaboration with Young Thug plays that up, but this Spanish-language remix featuring Daddy Yankee sees Cabello embracing her roots with some classic reggaeton spitfire.

Camila Cabello – «Havana» Feat. Young Thug (TULE Remix)

TULE’s take on the chart-climbing hit brings a romantic late-night vibe. Havana nights are hot and heavy, and Cabello must think back on her early childhood with starry eyes. This remix is the soundtrack to those misty-eyed reveries, and it’s got a heavy drop to boot.

Camila Cabello – «Crying In The Club» (SPECTRUM!K REMIX)

Prepare your body for some early 2000s R&B vibes. This remix of Cabello’s «Crying In The Club» single starts with some heavy throwback vibes and amps the energy to a strong stomper. The verses are all acoustic guitar and wispy vocals, but this drop is meaner than anything your middle school dance DJ ever had in rotation.

Leroy Sanchez – «Havana» (Camila Cabello Cover)

This YouTube Spanish-language cover of Cabello’s anthem will have you swooning. Sanchez has his Spanish style rockin’ in the video, to add to the overall atmopshere. Good luck not falling in love to this spicy guitar melody.

J.Fla – «Havana» (Camila Cabello Cover)

This Korean cover singer’s voice may be even more sultry than Cabello’s original take. It’s just dripping with sass. No wonder it’s garnered nearly 6 million views.

Macy Kate – «Crying in the Club» (Camila Cabello Cover)

This cover is more like a remix than a standard YouTube rework. Macy Kate takes her covers to the next level with high-production videos and sonics. Here, she turns Cabello’s dreamy tune into a downright dance floor slow jam. Be careful, it’s smolderingly hot.

Sam Tsui, Madilyn Bailey, KHS – «Bad Things» (MGK, Camila Cabello Cover)

Pachelbel’s Canon is the backbone of this emotional YouTube cover. Sam Tsui plays the role of Machine Gun Kelly and Madilyn Bailey does a bang-up job of recreating Cabello’s vocal gymanstics, all while KHS makes love to the keys in the background. Shout out that drummer, though. He’s the one really taking this tune to new heights.

Alex Aiono – «Bad Things» (MGK, Camila Cabello Cover)

Alex Aiono could cover anything, and we’d think it was great. He’s so adorable and talented, and he’s always putting a little extra oomph on his raps. Watch him recreate the collaborative hit and play both parts live in his living room, and try to tell us you’re not enamored.

This article was originally published by: Billboard