Taylor Swift Reveals The Full Tracklist Of «Reputation»


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Somebody’s getting fired! Taylor Swift’s Reputationtracklist surfaced online a couple of days early thanks to an indiscreet employee at HMV Birmingham in the UK. He or she posted a photo of the CD on Twitter and it was subsequently picked up by news outlets. There’s not a lot to talk about really. With the exception of one unfortunate-sounding collaboration (Ed Sheeran and Future feature on “End Game”), the rest of the album is comprised of the usual Dear Diary fluff.

There’s a song called “I Did Something Bad,” followed by one called “Don’t Blame Me.” Contenders for the most unbearable title include “King Of My Heart” and “Dancing With Our Hands Tied.” Now that the tracklist and credits are online, all that’s left is to hear the music. Reputation arrives on Friday (November 10). Lead single “Look What You Made Me Do” effortlessly topped the Billboard Hot 100, but following singles and buzz tracks have experienced diminishing returns. See the full tracklist, which Taylor confirmed via Instagram, below.

3 days until #reputation

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