Taylor Swift Announces New ‘The Swift Life’ App Coming ‘Late 2017’


Pop megastar Taylor Swift announced today (Oct. 11) that she’ll be releasing an app for iPhone and Android. The app, called «The Swift Life,» is set to be released in «late 2017.»

While the app wouldn’t be the first from a major artist — Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj released smartphone games last year — The Swift Life differs from others in that it functions as a social network of sorts, linking all of her fans to each other and with her. Fans can also «collect Taymojis, stickers, pics, and more,» giving the app an added layer of collection that most social media sites don’t have.

Swift has become known for personally reaching out to fans in the past. By creating an online community composed specifically of her fans, Swift is making it easier to connect with them easily, as well as strengthening the bond amongst her fans that she’s established since her emergence a decade ago.

Watch the «First Look» trailer for the app above. «I think you guys are really gonna like this,» she offers at video’s end. «I mean, I hope. It would be… it would be preferable if you did.»

This article was originally published by: Billboard