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Zayn Malik is dropping his third studio album Nobody Is Listening, here’s everything you need to know


Zayn has new music coming your way in the next few days.

Known to keep things hush about new projects, the British R&B singer continues to be extremely quiet and cryptic about his forthcoming record Nobody Is Listening. In fact everyone is all ears. Details about the new album are slowing trickling in so it’s only a matter of time before things get ‘Better’ for those who’ve been on the edge of their seats.

Here’s everything we know about Zayn’s new album so far:


Zayn is kicking off the new year right with his upcoming third studio record Nobody Is Listening, which features the single ‘Better,’ this January 15 (Friday). It follows 2016’s Mind Of Mine and 2018’s Icarus Falls.

According to a statement, Zayn has «total creative rein on his third album» and that he’s «making the music he has always wanted to.»


Following the release of its lead single ‘Better,’ Zayn will be dropping the album’s second offering ‘Vibez’ on Friday (01/08). According to Apple Music, there will be 11 tracks fans can look forward to, but the individual titles—besides ‘Better’ and ‘Vibez’—have yet to be revealed.

Fans may now pre-save Nobody Is Listening on Apple Music below.

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Gigi Hadid Flaunts Her Growing Baby Bump for the First Time


Fans Get A Closer Look At Pregnant Model Gigi Hadid's Baby Bump ...

Our first glimpse of baby Zigi (in the womb)!

Gigi Hadid hopped on Instagram Live on Wednesday (July 15), where she showed the world her pregnant belly for the first time. The supermodel unbuttoned her flowy Holiday the Label pajama top and turned to the side before throwing up a peace sign.

«There’s my belly y’all,» she said, before adding that she doesn’t always look pregnant in her photos because «from the front it’s different.»

«I really appreciate your positive messages,» she continued. «I’m just taking my time with sharing my pregnancy.»

She also addressed those who troll her for not posting more about her future baby with Zayn Malik. «That’s a reason that I felt that it’s not really something that I need to share apart from with my family and friends. Obviously a lot of people have lost lives due to [the] coronavirus that was in the beginning of quarantine and still happening. And then we moved obviously into the reemergence of the BLM movement, and I thought that our presence on social media should be used for that.»

Back in April, after a few days of rumors, Hadid confirmed that she is expecting a baby with the former One Direction singer on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. «Obviously, we wish we could have announced it on our own terms,» Hadid told Fallon. «We’re very excited and happy and grateful for everyone’s well wishes and support.»



Zayn is an International Man of Mystery in Epic ‘Let Me’ Video: Watch


Zayn Malik is mixed up with some seriously bad hombres in the action thriller video for «Let Me,» the first single from the singer’s upcoming second album. The high-production clip for the sensual R&B track dropped Thursday morning (Apr. 12) and it’s the latest mini-thriller to drop Malik into an action scenario, in this case one seemingly inspired by the original narcotrafficers series Miami Vice.

The glossy visual — a sequel to the equally dramatic «Dusk Til Dawn» video — was developed by Zayn in collaboration with director/producer Jose Padilha (appropriately of Narcos fame) and it features iconic bad guy actor Steven Bauer (Scarface) as a kingpin trying to keep Zayn under his thumb. It opens with Malik visiting the Bauer’s palatial apartment to drop off a black briefcase, with the singer openly ogling the boss’ girlfriend. After a midnight bag drop to some armed thugs, cut to a club where Zayn makes a delivery to Bauer and dream-like images of the singer hooking up with the mystery woman.

Or was it a dream? Sensing sexual tension in the club, Bauer sic’s his henchmen on Zayn, who dispatches them with easy thanks to his killer fighting chops. All along, spare, earworm track bubbles under as Zayn works his magic in his signature falsetto. «Baby let me be your man/ So I can love you/ And if you let me be your man/ Then I’ll take care of you, you,» he sings in the chorus. The cliff-hanger video ends with a simple acoustic guitar strum and the repeated phrase «Ror the rest of my life, for the rest of yours/ For the rest of ours,» as the new couple jet off into the sunset in a giant cigarette boat.

The slinky song was produced by Zayn and MYKL (the British production team that worked with the singer on his Pillowtalk single) and according to a press release it was written and recorded at Jimi Hendrix’s iconic Electric Lady Studios in New York. The single is the first song from Zayn’s as-yet-untitled sophomore album, the follow up to his 2016 solo debut, Mind of Mine.

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Zayn Malik Talks Touring, New Album & Taylor Swift With «Fader»


Fresh off releasing “Dusk Till Down,” his best single since “Pillowtalk,”Zayn Malik is gearing up to release his second solo album. Although he has remained relatively quiet about the forthcoming release, the former boy bander did reveal some details about what to expect during an interview with The Fader.

As he prepares for his second solo outing, the 24-year-old promised fans that some exciting things were on the horizon. There is no official release date planned, but the album is close to finished. “I’ve kind of finalized it. But there’s always ideas,” he said. Though he is back in the studio with Malay, Zayn has also teamed up with the likes of Timbaland and PARTYNEXTDOOR on the record and has worked on some more uplifting material to balance out his own more pensive writing. “I have to do something that’s a bit more mainstream because my fans want to listen to some fun stuff, rather than listen to depressing songs all the time. I appreciate that.”

The album also has a title, but Zayn is remaining mum on exact details. He said that it would be something a little “weird,” and alluded to the possibility of utilizing an atypical release schedule. Nothing is set in stone yet, but the release should be coming “pretty soon,” hopefully in the “next couple months.”

Another topic up for discussion was Taylor Swift. The two collaborated on last year’s “I Don’t Want To Live Forever” and have a similarly hot and cold relationship with the press. The “Look What You Made Me Do” siren has been in the hot seat lately, especially since her latest music video drew comparisons to Beyonce’s “Formation.” When asked for his thoughts, Zayn had nothing but positive things to say. “I rate her as an artist, I think she’s cool, I think she’s successful, and I think she deserves her success because she’s worked hard,” he said before delivering a final verdict. “I don’t have a bad word to say about her. She’s cool.”

Although he and Taylor took home a Moon Person for Best Collaboration at this year’s VMAs, the Mind of Mine crooner was not in the audience for the event. Instead, he was hard at work in the studio. “I was writing,” he said, and he didn’t sound at all upset about missing out on the promotional appearance. While other stars may have balked at giving up the air time, Zayn’s focus is solely on his craft. “I don’t really want to do shitloads of promotion. I don’t buy into that side of things. I just want to do my music.”

This time around, music should be even more at the forefront of Zayn’s album campaign, as he is planning on touring the record. The Brit had announced early plans for a tour last year, but things fell apart as the year progressed. “We did a few auditions for the band, and we got a band together, but I just wasn’t feeling it. The first record, I didn’t feel like there was enough material to do a proper show” he explained. This time around he hopes to take the best material from both records and hit the road.

It is fitting that Zayn is teasing big things with The Fader, as it is where he gave his first interview after breaking off from One Direction last year. His first interview raised some questions about his relationship with his former band mates, but this time around he seems more prepared for the limelight. The star, who famously suffers from anxiety, promised fans that he is doing alright and ready to kick off the new era. “I’m all good. I’m chilling.”

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“Dusk Till Dawn” Is ZAYN’s Best Single Since “Pillowtalk”


Zayn Malik’s solo career started with a bang when “Pillowtalk” reached number one in the US and the UK. However, he has experienced diminishing returns since then. “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” a dreary duet with Taylor Swift, returned him to the upper reaches of the chart — but the song’s popularity had more to do with the pairing than the actual music. Happily, “Dusk Till Dawn” is something of a return to form. Produced by Greg Kurstin and featuring Sia, this is a soaring ballad with a massive chorus and immense radio appeal.

It definitely sounds like a Sia single with a sprinkling of ZAYN thrown in for the kids, but the Brit wouldn’t be the first artist to be outdone by the Australian singer/songwriter on their own song. So there’s no shame in that. The video, which was directed by Marc Webb (The Amazing Spider-Man and 500 Days of Summer), is also a blockbuster. It finds the former One Direction heartthrob in full action-hero mode, doing dangerous things and looking seriously suave with actress Jemima Kirke. Watch up top.

On @AppleMusic / @Spotify #DuskTillDawn

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Zayn Malik Shaves His Head Completely Bald


Is that you, Mr. Clean?

Zayn Malik, who is known for making some drastic hair moves, has definitely gone for a shocking new ‘do (or lack thereof)—he’s shaved his head completely bald.

On Sunday, Zayn’s mom Trish Malik shared an Instagram photo of herself, her famous son and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid. The notable black-and-white image shows the «Pillow Talk» singer going full Chris Daughtry—aka with a completely shorn head and stubble. Clearly the former One Direction member is not your average boybander!

Zayn joins Kate Hudson and Robert Pattinson as celebs who have gone crazy short recently. Of course, the «Like I Would» singer is the only who who has opted for the oh-so-smooth look!

The style comes as quite a surprise since just yesterday, the proud mama posted a pic of her son celebrating the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha with Gigi and her mom Yolanda Hadid with the caption, «Eid Mubarak to everyone… #BlessedDay.»

Yesterday’s photo featured the British crooner with a short style, but dramatically different from the smooth-headed one he’s currently rocking.


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Gigi and Zayn appear to having a weekend chock full of family celebrations during the religious holiday.Eid al-Adha is celebrated at the end of an annual Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca, and marks Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son to God. The holiday is marked by prayers, gifts and family meals.

The most devout believers celebrate the Feast of the Sacrifice; animals are slaughtered and their meat is shared by family members and also distributed to other relatives, friends and the poor.

Gigi and sister Bella Hadid have rarely spoken about their religious upbringing in the past but appear to be enjoying festivities this weekend.Earlier this summer, Zayn told the London Evening Standard, «I’m not currently practicing but I was raised in the Islamic faith, so it will always be with me, and I identify a lot with the culture. But I’m just me. I don’t want to be defined by my religion or my cultural background.»

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Zayn Malik Announces Second Versus Versace collaboration


Earlier this morning (June 6), Zayn Malik took to his social media channels to tease a 10 second video clip of the campaign for his second addition to the Zayn x Versus Versace line. Malik was announced as the creative director for the Versace capsule collection back in October, dropping his collection worldwide in May 2017 where «a percentage of the net proceeds from the collection were donated to charity». Now the former One Direction singer is back, working alongside Donatella Versace, to launch a follow-up collection that will drop June 19, according to the musician’s latest Instagram post.

The clip features Malik in a hoodie with ‘Versus’ written across the back, incorporating edgy black leather pieces and black heels featuring a large buckle around the ankle.

«For me, Versus has always been about bringing together the worlds of fashion and music. From our first ever Versus shows in New York in the 90s, we had bands playing and a crowd of club kids rather than the usual fashion audience,» Donatella Versace, Chief Designer and Vice President of Versace, told Billboard Style in an exclusive interview back in October. «Music and fashion are even closer than ever. It feels like they are almost the same thing. As soon as I met Zayn, I knew that I wanted to work with him in some way.»

The singer’s girlfriend, Gigi Hadid — who helped Malik score the Versace gig and shot the intimate photos for the SS17 campaign — isn’t the collection’s only fan. Versus has been popular among celebs like Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Hailee Steinfeld and Kendall Jenner.

This article was originally published by: Billboard
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