Perrie Edwards Slams Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik With Scathing Lyrics In Concert


Buuuurn! Perrie Edwards served the nastiest diss to Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik in concert, cheekily switching the lyrics to her hit song, ‘Shout Out To My Ex.’ The best part? It’s all caught on camera.

Perrie Edwards 1. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik 0. The Little Mix singer might look innocent, but the sharp claws came out during her weekend concert with the girl group. In the middle of her performance, Perrie switched the lyrics to “Shout Out To My Ex” to take a dig at the “Pillowtalk” crooner and his model girlfriend. Instead of the usual verse “hope she ain’t faking it like I did,” the blonde beauty sang, “hope she ain’t faking like Hadid.” OH NO SHE DIDN’T! Perrie’s new lyrics got such a strong reaction from her bandmates that they all started cracking up on stage. Even one of their backup dancers heard it and giggled! Definitely not subtle. Watch it all unravel below.

As you may already know, this isn’t the first time that the “Power” songstressdissed Zayn so publicly. Back in January, when Little Mix released their music video for “Touch,” fans payed special attention to the lyrics and noticed something quite interesting. “I feel like for the first time I am not faking,” she sings while grinding up on hot dudes (again with the faking!) Could that be her way of saying that the former One Direction hunk wasn’t good in bed?

Then, in the song “F.U,” Perrie seemingly suggests that Zayn kissed another woman at some point in their relationship. Yikes! Generally speaking, Perrie and Zayn have tried to avoid face-to-face communication as much as possible. They thankfully dodged each other at the 2017 BRIT Awards, and when his self-titled tell-all book came out, she ignored it and never bothered to even open it. It was probably for the best.

This article was originally published by: Hollywood Life