Pentatonix Use Video to Support Inclusivity


Pentatonix send a message with their latest music video, released Friday (March 10), for their cover of the John Lennon classic “Imagine.”

In the video, each of the members holds up a sign with a word that describes them personally and then flips it over to reveal another word that can be applied to them more generally. Phrases included “LGBTQ+,” “Man,” “Jewish,” “American,” “Black,” “Christian,” “Latina” and “Woman.”

Pentatonix’s cover of the song will be included on their upcoming album PTX Vol. IV – Classics, which will be available April 7 and also includes their Grammy-winning collaboration with Dolly Parton on her hit «Jolene.»

At the end of the video, each of the five members grabs a board and writes a letter on it. Then they flip them over in unison to spell out a single word: “H-U-M-A-N.”

This article originally appeared on Billboard