Mariah Carey Belts Out ‘Hero’ to Serenade Front-Line Workers


Noted humanitarian Mariah Carey helped to usher in the Easter long weekend Friday, with a special performance of “Hero” that she dedicated to those on the front-lines of the current coronavirus pandemic.

Dressed in a “pink-yet-lavender” blouse, and seated in front of framed photos of her kids while in a makeshift home recording studio, Carey introduced the clip by saying she was doing her best to stay “festive” during the Holy Week, despite what she called “a unique time in history.”

“We are united in this effort and in this moment,” she declared, showing off the writing skills that got her inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame this year. “I want to take this time to acknowledge and honor the sacrifices of those who work everyday taking care of their communities,” she continued, calling them, “the heroes who are making our daily lives possible.”

Accompanied by her long-time musical director Daniel Moore on piano (presumably social distancing via a video camera), Carey sang a condensed version of her hit number-one single, leaving out the bridge altogether. Still, she soared on the ballad, hitting notes in the second verse she hasn’t attempted since her Emancipation of Mimi days (coincidentally, this week marks the album’s 15th anniversary). There were also timely “Easter eggs” in the clip for her longtime fans, with a picture of a lamb strategically placed on a music stand in full view (Carey’s fans lovingly call themselves the “Lambily”).

Of course “Hero,” taken from the 1993 album, Music Box, is undoubtedly Carey’s signature song; the singer has performed the inspirational ballad on a number of occasions, including a benefit concert following the September 11th attacks, and for the 2005 revival of Live 8. Carey also performed “Hero” in front of President Obama, during his inaugural ball in 2009 (it was reportedly one of Obama’s favorite songs to listen to during his campaign). Her peak performance though, may still be this 1996 event, where Carey paid tribute to police officers killed in the line of duty with an octave-defying performance that left even then-President Bill Clinton misty-eyed.

The new recording of “Hero” marks the second time Carey has given an at-home performance since the coronavirus outbreak forced millions of people to stay indoors. Carey sang a memorable version of “Always Be My Baby” on Elton John’s “Living Room Concert for America” telethon last month.

Fresh off the end of her Vegas residency, Carey has been quarantining at home with her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, and the once-“elusive chanteuse” has been active on social media, retweeting words of gratitude for nurses and medical professionals, and sending messages of encouragement to fans in affected countries. The singer-songwriter seems to be working on new music as well — she posted a photo of herself in the studio on her “anniversary” last month with the caption, “new song.”

And while members of the “Lambily” are now campaigning for Carey to release a new version of her underrated 2002 self-help ballad, “Through the Rain,” it seems there couldn’t be a more appropriate song for self-isolation right now than “Hero.” As Carey croons on the song, “It’s a long road when you face the world alone and no one reaches out a hand for you to hold.”

The answer to getting through these unprecedented times may be to listen to a good pop song and to take Carey’s lyrics to heart: when you feel like hope (and your friends, family and social life) is gone, “look inside you and be strong.” And yes, you’ll finally see the truth, that a self-quarantining, homebody hero really does lie in you.

Mariah Carey, Backstreet Boys & More: Which Concert For America Performance Was Your Fave? Vote!

Mariah Carey iHeart Living Room Concert for America
Courtesy Photo

Mariah Carey performs during the iHeart Living Room Concert for America.

On Sunday night (March 29), artists from across the country rallied together from their homes for the iHeart Living Room Concert for America in an effort to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Hosted by Elton John, the benefit special provided quarantined music fans with some much-needed entertainment relief all while raising money for Feeding America and First Responders Children’s Foundation.

Now that the star-studded affair is available to stream on YouTube, Billboard wants to know which at-home performance you loved the most! Did Alicia Keys‘ acoustic take on her latest single «Underdog» hit you right in the feels? Did you flip over the Backstreet Boys‘ epic performance of «I Want It That Way» from — count ‘em — five different locations across the country?

Perhaps you preferred Camila Cabello‘s solo version of «My Oh My» with a special appearance by Shawn Mendes on guitar. Or was Mariah Carey‘s intimate, show-closing performance of «Always Be My Baby» the healing balm you needed to cure your cabin fever?

Whichever performance was your favorite, vote in Billboard‘s poll below and let your voice be heard!

What was your favorite iHeart Living Room Concert for America performance?
Source: Billboard

Mariah Carey Gets Cozy with Intimate ‘Christmas Time is in the Air Again’ on ‘Late Late Show’: Watch


Your Queen of Christmas was back on Wednesday night (Dec. 18) to spread more cheer.

Your Christmas Queen was back on The Late Late Show for the second appearance in her three-night run on Wednesday night (Dec. 18), busting out the melancholy «Christmas Time is in the Air Again.» The jazzy ballad from Mariah Carey’s 2010 Merry Christmas II You collection took the chill out of the air with a string section and piano accompaniment as Carey sang about falling in love at the most wonderful time of the year.

«Mr. Grinch simply can’t resist/ Warming up when he looks our way/ Even Old Scrooge makes a Christmas wish/ For a honey to hold Christmas day/ And to feel love like ours always/ La da da, da da dum,» she sang while rocking a plunging neckline silver dress with a white furry stole draped on her arms and her neck ringed in eye-popping bling.

The warm and fuzzy performance followed up Tuesday night’s rocking Late Late run through «Oh Santa» from the same album. Carey, of course, has a lot to celebrate this season, as her beloved «All I Want For Christmas Is You» finally ascended to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 after 25 years.

Watch the performance below.

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La ex agente de Mariah Carey la acusa de acoso sexual y abuso de sustancias


La cantante podría ser demandada.

Una batalla legal está por ocurrir entre Mariah Carey y su ex agente, Stella Bulochnikov.

El viernes 13 de abril, los abogados de Stella presentaron una citación en Nueva York de su intención de demandar a la cantante por violar la Ley de Derechos Civiles de los Estados Unidos, la Ley de Empleo y Vivienda Equitativa del estado de California; así como por incumplimiento de contrato y de obligaciones fiduciarias.

Mientras que los detalles de estos hechos no han sido compartidos, Bulochnikov acusa a Carey de mostrarse frecuentemente desnuda frente a ella, y de haberla despedido a mitad de contrato y debiéndole dinero, reporta TMZ.

Según un reporte de The Blast, la suma de dinero es de millones por comisiones no pagadas. El abogado de la ex agente, Pierce O’Donnell, compartió con el medio que la cantante «es adicta al alcohol, a los medicamentos de prescripción médica y a la mariguana» y que en caso de no alcanzar un acuerdo procederá a «una demanda de alta exposición y éxito».

En respuesta a estos alegatos, un representante de Mariah compartió con E! News que «Stella Bulochnikov fue despedida de su empleo como agente de la cantante por fallas en su desempeño al servir a su cliente. Stella no estaba bajo ningún contrato de empleo. Ella ha esparcido falsos rumores a medios que (sabe) los publicarán. No responderemos a las mentiras, ni a las amenazas. Y, de nueva cuenta, si estas acusaciones frívolas y sin fundamentos son registradas, nos defenderemos con fuerza, de manera exitosa. Es interesante hacer notar que este es el primer abogado que aceptó representar a Stella, luego de que otros otros tres se hayan negado a hacerlo».

Y tal parece que hay otras versiones al respecto.

De acuerdo con un fuente cercana a la intérprete, Bulochnikov supuestamente tomó dinero que no le correspondía, e hizo gastos personales por varios cientos de miles de dólares con las tarjetas de Mariah, asimismo aparentemente violó la ley de California al saltarse al agente de talentos de la cantante y organizarle otros compromisos.

El representante de Bulochnikov ha respondido a tales acusaciones diciéndole a E! News «Los alegatos sobre nuestra cliente, Stella Bulochnikov Stolper, demuestran que los representantes de Mariah Carey mienten».

«La señorita Stolper niega cualquier tipo de acusación», dijo el representante. «Como alguien que no firmó un acuerdo de confidencialidad, la señorita Stolper se asegurará de contar la verdad en el momento correcto».

En noviembre de 2017 se confirmó que ambas decidieron tomar distintos caminos.

«Después de haber trabajado por casi tres años, Mariah Carey y Stella Bulochnikov han determinado, de mutuo acuerdo y por así convenir a sus intereses, tomar caminos separados», se dijo en un comunicado de Bulochnikov. «Durante el tiempo que trabajaron juntas, lograron muchas cosas, incluyendo, la más reciente música de Mariah Carey y algunos proyectos en la pantalla que veremos en la próxima temporada. Mariah Carey y Stella Bulochnikov continúan como socias en varias aventuras de negocios, y seguirán apoyándose en estos esfuerzos».

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Mariah Carey Opens Up About Her Battle With Bipolar Disorder In ‘People’


Mariah Carey opened up about her ongoing battle with bipolar disorder in an interview with People. Released today (April 11), the feature offered her an opportunity to speak about her initial diagnosis with the disorder in 2001 and how she has changed her perspective since then. “I didn’t want to believe it,” she said of her first diagnosis. It was not until more recently, after what she referred to as “the hardest couple of years,” that the siren sought treatment.

“Until recently I lived in denial and isolation and in constant fear someone would expose me,” she said of her silent battle. However, she said reaching out has helped set her back on track. “It was too heavy a burden to carry and I simply couldn’t do that anymore. I sought and received treatment, I put positive people around me and I got back to doing what I love — writing songs and making music.”

Now Mimi’s diagnosis is bipolar II, and she is taking medication and in therapy. This helps her deal with the periods of depression and hypomania (a less severe form of mania, which is associated with bipolar I disorder, according to People). “I’m actually taking medication that seems to be pretty good. It’s not making me feel too tired or sluggish or anything like that. Finding the proper balance is what is most important,” she explained. She added that the treatment seems to be helping, and that she wanted to shed light on her battle to help lift the stigma off discussing mental illness.

“I’m just in a really good place right now, where I’m comfortable discussing my struggles with bipolar II disorder. I’m hopeful we can get to a place where the stigma is lifted from people going through anything alone. It can be incredibly isolating. It does not have to define you and I refuse to allow it to define me or control me.” Read the rest of Mimi’s interview here and check out the cover before it hits newsstands below!

I'm grateful to be sharing this part of my journey with you. @mrjesscagle @people

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Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” Breaks Into The Top 10


Mariah Carey is the reigning queen of the holiday season, and this year she is proving her status by making history on the Billboard Hot 100. Twenty-three years after the release of her iconic anthem “All I Want For Christmas Is You” the single has reached a new peak on the chart. Yesterday (December 18) Billboard announced it had soared into the top 10 and landed at the ninth spot for the first time in its history.

This marks Mimi’s 28th top 10 release; her last came in 2009 with “Obsessed.” It also appears to be the first time a song has taken 23 years to peak in the top 10. Although it was blocked from charting on the Hot 100 upon its initial release, a change in the rules in 2012 has enabled it to soar up the charts every year off impressive streaming numbers. This week alone streaming accounts for 70 percent of its sales.

Last year “All I Want For Christmas Is You” reached its previous peak at number 11. However, this year it has been helped along by the release of an animated movieinspired by the song. The legendary release remains Mimi’s defining holiday anthem and takes the top spot on nearly every Christmas playlist. It is so beloved that this week it tops the Holiday 100 chart for the 29th week. Since it was created in 2011, no other song has topped the chart for more than two weeks. Revisit the enduring single below!

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Mariah Carey Hops On The Remix Of French Montana’s “Unforgettable”


Mariah Carey has had a really tough year. It literally began with her dragged over the coals for that New Year’s Eve debacle and just got more depressing from there with an unflattering reality TV show and several performances that went viral for all the wrong reasons. But you can’t hold a legend down. The pop star has rebounded with a sexy Paper magazine cover shoot and is destined to own Christmas (as usual) with new holiday track “The Star.” Before that, however, she’s teaming up with French Montana for a remix of “Unforgettable.”

The Queen of Octaves shared a snippet on Twitter this afternoon and it sounds like fire. “It’s not good enough for me since I’ve been with you,” Mimi coos over the track’s distinctive beat. “It’s not gonna work for you.” The 47-year-old then sings about drinking too much and turning up in the club. “Unforgettable” is already one of the biggest songs of the summer, peaking at number three on the Billboard Hot 100. Mariah’s divine presence could be all it needs to reach number one. Click Here to Listen the preview.

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Mariah Carey & Jennifer Lopez Stun On Joint «Paper Magazine» Covers


Mariah Carey may not know Jennifer Lopez, but the Las Vegas showgirls are both glistening in jewels on dual covers of the newest edition of Paper magazine. The Elusive Chanteuse posed topless on her cover, relying on some cleverly placed hair to mask her goods and teaming her bare look with some crystal body jewelry. The singer donned a crown and a studded bra in other photos from her spread, serving sultry poses and looking like the powerhouse diva (and a little like a Christmas decoration) that she is. J.Lo channelled her performing roots, posing in a crown of her own and a glistening leotard on her cover. Her accompanying photos are a bit more tongue in cheek, as she does laundry while wearing a full face of makeup and her laciest lingerie. In other photos she delivers unsurprisingly smoldering poses expected of a pop princess of her caliber.

Fellow Las Vegas performers The Backstreet Boys and Ricky Martin also landed a cover shoot for the magazine as well. They served colorful albeit less bedazzled shoots that pay tribute to their own shows on the strip. The issue is set to honor some of the brightest acts performing in the city. Notably missing from the lineup are Celine Dionand Britney Spears who also light up the City of Sin. Guess they didn’t get the memo. Click through the ladies’ sexy pictures up top and check out the guys below!

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Mariah Carey Unveils ‘Rainbow’-Themed Pride Merchandise


Mariah Carey knows her demographic. The pop legend has unveiled a collection of Pride merchandise, centered around her Rainbow LP. That means you can buy tanks, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants and even a phone case emblazoned with a pic of Mimi from 1999. What are you waiting for? Oh, and there’s an added incentive to snatch up some goodies. You’re not only upgrading your wardrobe, but also raising money for charity. (A portion of the proceeds are going to GLAAD).

Of course, the diva is a vocal proponent of gay rights and even explained the true meaning of LGBTQ in an Instagram video. According to the Queen of Octaves, “L” is for legendary, “G” is for gorgeous, “B” is for beautiful (or Babadook), “T” is for tantalizing and “Q” is for quality. When she’s not supporting the queer community, Mariah is inspiring feminists. “I have had to invoke Mariah Carey a lot over the years when it comes to angry men: ‘why you so obsessed with me?’” Lena Dunham recently tweeted. That’s what we call impact.

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