The Weeknd Joins Maluma on «Hawái» Remix


Maluma has released the remix to his song “Hawái,” featuring The Weeknd singing in Spanish.

The song is taken from the Colombian artist’s fifth studio album Papi Juancho, which he surprise-dropped in late August.

The two teased something was in the works between them on Wednesday, with both artists sharing a photo that had fans hyped for what was in store.

“Bro, he killed it, because he’s a real artist,” Maluma told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. “He’s a real artist, man, what he did in this song. For him, it was like he was doing reggaeton for his whole life. And I knew that his voice in the song could work amazing. And that’s what happened.”

Maluma continued, “At the beginning, when I listened to the first verse when he just started the song… I was like, ‘Bro, this sounds like The Weeknd’s song.’ I couldn’t believe how good it was mixing his vocals with my vocals. And man, yeah, I’m blessed. I’m very happy. This is a huge moment for the Latin culture though.”

“Hawái” has since peaked at No. 55 on the Billboard Hot 100; now, with a Weeknd remix, it’s poised to gain more steam. The Weeknd has also been doing his fair share of collaborations, his latest of which is Ariana Grande’s song “Off the Table” from her new album Positions.

Listen to the remix to “Hawái” and check out the video.


Source: Complex

Anitta’s Army Is Mad At Iggy Azalea & Maluma For A Non-Existent Remix


Just when you thought Stan Twitter couldn’t get any stranger, fans of Brazilian superstar Anitta are dragging Iggy Azalea and Maluma for having lunch together. Well, there’s a little more to it than that. It seems Anitta’s Army thought the Colombian heartthrob was going to replace their queen on a new “Switch” remix. Needless to say, they were pissed at the disrespect and spammed the duo’s Instagram accounts with snake emojis and threw around insults like “fake,” “flop” and “Cobra.” Only the remix doesn’t exist.

“There is no Switch [remix], I am introducing Maluma on stage for his performance,” Iggy explained on Twitter. “He’s a close friend and I support him in whatever he does.” Trolls then backtracked but the rapper still clocked them. “I’m worn a little thin with ‘fans’ attacking me all the time then apologizing, I’ve done nothing wrong & I’ll be friends with whom I wish.” What’s the big deal? Apparently, there’s bad blood between Anitta and Maluma — or at least between their supporters. See Iggy’s annoyed tweets below.

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