Liam Payne Says One Direction ‘Have Been Speaking’ About 10th Anniversary

Alesso ft. Liam Payne "Midnight"
Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Alesso ft. Liam Payne «Midnight»

No reason to freak out here, but Liam Payne confirmed on Monday night (April 13) that you’re not the only ones thinking about One Direction‘s upcoming 10th anniversary. Late Late Show host and friend of 1D James Corden reminded Payne that July marks the boy band’s tin anniversary, so he wondered if they had anything in store for fans who are cooped up in so many ways these days.

«Are there plans afoot for you guys to do anything to celebrate this milestone,» Corden asked from inside the makeshift studio in his Los Angeles garage. «I’m not allowed to say too much obviously, because I’d be giving it away. But we’ve been speaking a lot more at the moment,» Payne said from his lush London apartment.

In case you missed it, that was not a no. In fact, it was very close to a yes.

«I think that we’re all feeling that that 10 year is a very special moment,» Payne said, noting that at 26 he’s a decade into his music career already. He said he had a «beautiful» FaceTime with Niall Horan recently, who he hadn’t spoken to in a long time, adding that he’s also chatted with Louis Tomlinson. «Yeah, it’s been really nice, it’s a nice moment.»

Directioners lost their collective minds on Monday when Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry Styles followed former member Zayn Malik on Twitter again.

Payne and Alesso then performed their new single, «Midnight,» on TV for the first time, with Alesso rocking out on samplers and drum pads in the disco-lit backyard of his L.A. home and Payne giving a tour of his very nice-looking London pad as he was filmed by a drone hovering just inches from his face.

Watch the interview and performance below.

Alesso & Liam Payne Filmed The Transatlantic ‘Midnight’ Video From Quarantine

Alesso ft. Liam Payne "Midnight"
Courtesy Photo

Alesso ft. Liam Payne «Midnight»

From L.A. to London.

The coronavirus has halted many plans in the music industry, from tour cancellations to album pushbacks, but it didn’t stop Grammy-nominated DJ-producer Alesso and former One Direction singer Liam Payne from filming a new music video. The pair joined forces for the new dance song “Midnight” but couldn’t film a typical music video because of social distancing, quarantining and being homebound due to the spreading virus.

So Alesso went into the Los Angeles studio where he originally created the track to film his portion while Payne, who lives in London, had a friend film him singing on his balcony.

The result is a clean, simple clip that could pass for a video that was not made with limitations. “Midnight” was released Wednesday(April 8). “It was nice just to make a video with a lot less noise around it — music videos are always so busy,” Payne said in a phone interview with The Associated Press this week. “For me personally, just to be able to go outside my house, perform a song on the balcony and just sing it the way I wanted to perform it rather than have people telling me how to move or what to do, or anything like that. It was very much our video and I’m proud of that.”

“It’s kind of refreshing to just see Liam perform and me just working on the song,” Alesso added. “That’s really how we do it, you know? And kind of let the song have the shine. For me, it was refreshing.”

“Midnight” is relationship song about coming together. But the performers said with the impact the coronavirus has had around the world, the song has taken on a special meaning. “It definitely gives it a bigger meaning. We’re always going to listen to this song, at least me and Liam, and think about these times,” Alesso said. “I think it definitely gives it a special feeling to it.”

“We’re all learning new things about our spouses and spending so much time together with them, people overcoming such massive things in the world together. I think that definitely lends a hand toward the song as well and how you overcome these sorts of things,” Payne added. “Midnight” is one of many songs the 26-year-old Payne has released since One Direction went on hiatus in 2015. He dropped his debut album LP1 in December and hit the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart with multi-platinum hit, “Strip It Down.” The English singer has also collaborated with J Balvin, Zedd, French Montana, A Boogie wit da Hoodie and Rita Ora.

Alesso, who is Swedish, has cracked the Top 40 with the platinum hits “Heroes (We Could Be),” featuring Tove Lo, and “Let Me Go,” with Hailee Steinfeld, Florida Georgia Line and Watt. The 28-year-old has also had success as a remixer, even earning a Grammy nomination for his house version of OneRepublic’s “If I Lose Myself.”

Alesso had been looking for a singer to perform on “Midnight” and was happy Payne jumped onboard: “He added his incredible flavor to it. It really turned out incredible.” The artists say while at home, they’re continuing to be creative. Alesso is working tirelessly in the same studio where he produced “Midnight” and filmed the song’s video. “I work like 10 times more now because I have more free time. My creativity really flows better now because I’m just home and I’m not distracted by touring and that kind of stuff,” said Alesso, who added: “I also, of course, sit and play a lot of video games and watch a lot of Netflix.”

Payne says he’s been busy “drawing, sketching artwork, painting stuff.” He’s also been giving back to his community by donating 360,000 meals to food banks in need during the pandemic through the charity The Trussell Trust. He hopes “Midnight” — the song and video — can have a positive impact on people. “It’s important at this time to step out there for our fans. While everyone’s stuck at home and self-isolating, I just think it’s important to still have stuff coming through to bring a little bit of sunshine to everybody’s day,” Payne said.

Watch the video below.

Alesso Is Reuniting With Liam Payne for ‘Midnight’ & And They Need Your Help Too

Harrison Boyce


Amid pumping out jokes on the internet, Swedish star Alesso has announced a forthcoming collaboration with Liam Payne. In a video posted on Payne and Alesso’s social channels Wednesday (April 1), the guys reveal that the track, called «Midnight,» is a soaring anthem built on Alesso’s grand-scale production and Payne’s plaintive vocals, which proclaim «I just want to lay here, fall into midnight.» The song is out on Wednesday, April 8.

Alesso first teased «Midnight» on March 26, saying he had the track ready but needed a vocalist. Now that he’s found one in Payne, the two artists are also inviting fans to get involved in the official remix. Once the track is released, aspiring producers can do their own edit of «Midnight» and submit the track for consideration by using the hashtag «#AlessoMidnight.»

«Midnight» is the duo’s second collaboration, following their 2016 single «Next to Me.»

Christmas Just Came Early: Liam Payne Announces Release Date for ‘LP1’


Liam Payne just gave his Payniacs an early Christmas present. The singer announced on Friday (Oct. 18) that his debut album, LP1, will be released on Dec. 6.

The highly-anticipated record will include 10 new tracks, as well as seven previously released hits including «Strip That Down» with Quavo and his latest single, «Stack It Up,» featuring A Boogie Wit da Hoodie. Payne collaborated with producers and writers such as Ed Sheeran, Ryan Tedder, and Zedd on his first full-length solo effort. 

«I’ve had so many amazing experiences over the last few years which I’ve used as inspiration for this record — it’s been a real labor of love. I’ve worked with some incredibly talented people in the studio to produce an album that truly represents me which I’m very proud of,» the singer said in a press release.

LP1 is the former One Direction star’s first collection of songs to be released since the band’s split.

Check out the album art and full track list below.

1. «Stack It Up» (feat. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie)
2. «Remember»
3. «Heart Meet Break»
4. «Hips Don’t Lie»
5. «Tell Your Friends»
6. «Say It All»
7. «Rude Hours»
8. «Live Forever» (with Cheat Codes)
9. «Weekend»
10. «Both Ways»
11. «Strip That Down» (feat. Quavo)
12. «For You» (Fifty Shades Freed) (with Rita Ora)
13. «Familiar» (with J Balvin)
14. «Polaroid» (with Jonas Blue & Lennon Stella)
15. «Get Low» (with Zedd)
16. «Bedroom Floor»
17. «All I Want (for Christmas)»

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Liam Payne Recruits J Balvin For His Best Single Yet, “Familiar”


Liam Payne is rapidly becoming one of the most consistent members of One Direction as he moves further into his solo career. After netting a top 10 hit in both the US and the UK with his urban anthem “Strip That Down” right out of the gate, he has honed his craft with each release. Today (April 20), the 24-year-old teams up with reggaeton superstar, J Balvin, on his searing new single, “Familiar.”And it is easily his best track yet. The Latin-tinged crossover hit is sure to storm the charts across the globe and may become his most successful release to date.

On the track, the former boy bander delivers some flirty lyrics as he attempts to win over a flame at the club. “It’s simple. You dip low. Your hips roll; you do the Calypso. An intro is all that I need,” Liam seductively purrs over the frenetic production. His vocals are velvety and have rarely sounded more enticing. J Balvin adds some additional swagger, and the stuttering chorus is sure to be stuck in your head after one listen. “Can we get famili-famili-famili-familiar? I’m feeling, I’m feeling, I’m feeling, I’m feeling ya. What’s on your mind for later tonight? Let me be the one to fill it up.” It is impossible to not want to sing along.

Things are looking very good for Liam right about now. His tropical-inspired anthem “Bedroom Floor” missed the top 20 in his home country and barely hit the charts in the US. However, he rapidly turned things around. The crooner netted his second top 10 in the UK alongside Rita Ora on their Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack contribution, “For You.” The soaring anthem peaked at 76 on the Billboard Hot 100, but it seems safe to assume that “Familiar” will soar even higher. With its internationally appealing production, it is sure to fill up dance floors across the globe. Give the sexy track a spin below!

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Rita Ora & Liam Payne Cozy Up For A Romantic Bop On “For You”


Rita Ora and Liam Payne have rolled out one of the first certifiable bops of 2018. The pair joined forces on “For You” for the soundtrack to Fifty Shades Freed. Considering that the franchise has spawned a handful of hit singles including Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik’s “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” the surprise collaboration was highly anticipated. Released today (January 5), the romantic banger is a fiery love song that exceeds expectations.

On the track, they soar to unexpected heights buoyed solely by the power of love. “In your eyes I’m alive. Inside you’re beautiful, something so unusual. In your eyes I know I’m home,” Rita declares over racing synths on the opening lines. The “Anywhere” siren steals the show with her impassioned delivery. However, she graciously shares the stage with Liam. “Skin to skin, breathe me in. Feeling your kiss on me. Lips are made of ecstasy. I’ll be yours for a thousand nights,” he vows.

Compared to Taylor and Zayn’s moody release, this is shaping up to be a bright spot on the soundtrack. If they play their cards right, Rita and Liam could have something massive on their hands. With the right music video and a handful of promotional performances, “For You” could easily climb the Billboard Hot 100 and become a breakaway hit.

While Rita is riding high on the back of three UK top 10 hits, she still hasn’t made a dent on the Billboard Hot 100. Liam got off to a good start with “Strip That Down,”which cracked the top 10 and sold double platinum. However, he hasn’t had much luck with “Bedroom Floor.” The 24-year-old’s second solo single has stalled at number 98 despite being a vast improvement on his smash hit debut. Perhaps their collaboration will give them the final boost to break through the American market. Give “For You” a spin below!

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Liam Payne & Rita Ora Have A Duet On The ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Soundtrack


UPDATE: Rita Ora confirmed that the duet exists and shared a title. See the tweet below!

It looks like Rita Ora and Liam Payne have recorded a duet for the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack. The somewhat-unlikely couple posted a picture together on Instagram and they look perfectly suited to the sexy franchise. The “Anywhere” diva rocks a pink cocktail dress, while her potential collaborator looks suave in a suit. I’m not sure if the Brits will generate as much attention as Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik’s Fifty Shades Darker anthem, “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” but it can’t hurt either of them.

While Rita is riding high on the back of three UK top 10 hits, she still hasn’t made a dent on the Billboard Hot 100. Liam got off to a good start with “Strip That Down,”which cracked the top 10 and sold double platinum. However, he hasn’t had much luck with “Bedroom Floor.” The 24-year-old’s second solo single has stalled at number 98 despite being a vast improvement on his smash hit debut. Check out their enticing promo pic below.

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Bella Thorne Breaks The Cycle In Liam Payne’s “Bedroom Floor” Video


Liam Payne’s much-hyped “Bedroom Floor” videodropped earlier today (November 6) and there’s a surprise twist. When it was announced that Bella Thorne was starring in the visual, most of us assumed she would play the Brit’s love interest. Not so. Instead, the 1D hitmaker simply observes her crumbling relationship with a long-haired lothario, only crossing paths with her on the dance floor. In doing so, the Declan Whitebloom-directed clip puts a feminine perspective on the bro-anthem.

Written by the all-star lineup of Charlie Puth, Noel Zancanella, J Kash, Ammar Malik, Lil Aaron and Steve Mac, “Bedroom Floor” is off to a promising start, charging towards the top 20 in the UK and steadily gaining ground on pop radio. Expectations for the banger are high given the massive success of “Strip That Down.”Liam’s debut solo single cracked the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 (it went top five everywhere else) and racked up 700 million cumulative streams. Watch his latest up top to determine if lightning will strike twice.

#bedroomfloor #bts the whole day had me like …🍯🐥 @liampayne

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Bella Thorne Stars In Liam Payne’s “Bedroom Floor” Video


Liam Payne’s “Bedroom Floor” video was always going to rack up millions of YouTube views (“Strip That Down”has 198 million and climbing), but the presence of Bella Thorne ensures it will be a pop culture moment. The actress, it girl and occasional singer plays the Brit’s love interest in the clip. Stills from the visual, which is expected to drop on November 6, have surfaced online and they make a cute couple. Bella even has a costume change — rocking a red dress in a couple of pics and a ’70s-inspired ensemble in another.

There are layers to this. “Bedroom Floor” was co-written by Charlie Puth, who briefly dated Bella and then got a little upset when she moved on. Is this their way of putting it all in the past? The banger has gotten off to a modest start, debuting at number 28 in the UK and number 98 in the UK. “Strip That Down” was also a grower, however, and it eventually cracked the top 10 in both markets. A viral video could be the shot of momentum it needs. See a few pics from the video below.

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Liam Payne’s “Bedroom Floor” Is A Sexy Banger


Liam Payne rolled out his second solo single last night (October 19) and it’s a sexy banger about an on-again/off-again relationship. “Baby heard you’ve been talking about me lately, telling all your friends how much you hate me,” the 1D singer begins “Bedroom Floor,” which was co-written by Charlie PuthNoel ZancanellaJ KashAmmar MalikAaron Jennings and Steve Mac. “But who you calling up when you get lonely?” He provides receipts in the chorus. “You said it was over, you said it was over,” he croons. “But your clothes say different on my bedroom floor.”

“Strip That Down” didn’t do it for me (I was clearly in the minority), but this feels like less of a stretch for the Brit. “I’m so excited to finally release this song,” Liam says in the press release. “I’ve been working on it for a while and am really happy with how it sounds. It’s a bit different from what you’ve heard from me before, but helps to show where I’m going with my album. It’s very important to me to keep challenging myself, to keep pushing into new areas.” Listen to the catchy track below.

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