Is Liam Hemsworth Quitting Acting As Miley Cyrus Returns To ‘The Voice’?


Is Miley Cyrus fiance Liam Hemsworth preparing to let his career take a backseat as Cyrus rejoins the cast of The Voice season 13? Well, according to some new reports he is considering leaving his acting career behind instead of a unique role in his life: Miley’s husband.

It has been revealed the fact that after his latest film, Independence Day, Liam is ready to settle down as Cyrus brings home the bacon with her coaching role on The Voice.

Even if the actor hasn’t announced such plans, for now, an insider close to him joked saying that he doesn’t need to work anymore because of the fact that Miley is so loaded.

Miley is said to be worth $200 million while Liam is worth just $16 million. His alleged thoughts about quitting acting are not only because of Miley’s success.

Liam is finding it very hard to land a gig when his brother Chris is becoming a massive star.

Miley’s mother is currently planning her wedding to Liam as Miley remains focused on her booming career which will also include some new music.

The same insider we mentioned above said that Liam is pleased to relax at home and hold down the fort as his future wife is preparing for the new album and another great tour.

Miley joined The Voice during the show’s 11th season after she first appeared on the show as a guest mentor for Christina Aguilera.

Miley joined the NBC singing competition together with Alicia Keys for the first two-male and two-female panel in The Voice history.

Since then the change appears to have become a permanent one, and earlier this year, Keys starred on The Voice with Gwen Stefani.

When The Voice returns for season 13 during this fall, Miley will be seen alongside Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Jennifer Judson who will all feature on the show.

 She will be there for the very first time as a full-time coach. Good job Miley and good luck! We can’t wait for the 13th season of The Voice to begin! We just have to be patient and wait for just a little longer to enjoy everything that will happen.
This article was originally published by: Celebrity Insider