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Kelly Clarkson Touts Resilience in Uplifting New Song, ‘I Dare You’


Kelly Clarkson dares you to choose resilience in her new song, “I Dare You.” The single was released in multiple versions, including five multi-language duet renditions featuring vocalists from around the globe.

In the building, midtempo song, Clarkson sings of choosing love in the midst of adversity. “You may not have the stage/But you still have a voice/You may not have the strength,” she sings. “But if you have a choice/I dare you to love, oh, I dare you to love/Even if you hurt and you can only see the worst/Even if you think it’s not enough, I dare you to love.”

Written by Natalie Hemby (the Highwomen, Kacey Musgraves), Laura Veltz (Dan + Shay, Maren Morris) and Ben West (Pink, Lady Antebellum) with production by longtime collaborator Jesse Shatkin (Sia, Jennifer Lopez), the tune’s universal sentiments translate worldwide through a bevy of singers. Zaz fronts the French-led version, Faouzia leads the Arabic rendition, Blas Cantó sings the song in Spanish, the German-language track comes by way of Galsperlenspiel, and Maya Buskila takes on the Hebrew version.

“This is my favorite/hardest project that I’ve ever worked on,” Clarkson said in a statement. “It has always been a dream of mine, as I grew up singing in different languages, to find that perfect song, with the perfect message, to connect us all globally and then record that song with several other artists around the world in their native languages.

“We have put a lot of work into this as a team,” she continued, “and decided to continue with our release date of this project because we feel like we all couldn’t be more connected right now across the world, and maybe this message will bring a little hope in this sometimes dark, and isolating time. Thank you so much to all the artists that worked on this with me. We hope everyone out there connects with this message and chooses love instead of fear. I dare you.”

Clarkson premiered a performance video of “I Dare You” during The Kelly Clarkson Show on Thursday, which featured her singing virtually with all of her global duet partners.

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Kelly Clarkson Is Drippin’ in ‘Finesse’ On Bruno Mars Kellyoke Cover: Watch


Blame it on her confidence! Kelly Clarkson opened Monday’s (Jan. 13) episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show with a swaggering cover of Bruno Mars’ «Finesse.»

Wearing a flowing leopard-print dress, the talk show host was joined for the performance by a number of back-up dancers planted throughout the audience. «Oooh, don’t we look good together?/ There’s a reason why they watch all night long/ Yeah, know we’ll turn heads forever/ So tonight I’m gonna show you off,» Clarkson belted before a middle-aged dancer emerged from the crowd and proceeded to launch into an impressive series of bops, spins and body rolls.

The OG American Idol champ’s take on Mars’ 2016 hit with Cardi B was far from the first time she’s made a song by the R&B crooner her own. Back in November, she kicked off an episode of her eponymous talk show with a fiery rendition of his smash 2014 Mark Ronson collab «Uptown Funk.»

Check out Clarkson’s funky cover of «Finesse» below.

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Kelly Clarkson and John Legend Debut Revised Version of ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’


The duo updated the lyrics of the original Christmas song with ones that are more appropriate for 2019

John Legend and Kelly Clarkson are bringing some holiday cheer to The Voice!

On Tuesday night, the two coaches performed their #MeToo era remake of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” for the first time on The Voice stage.

Clarkson, 37, shimmered in a sparkly sapphire gown, while Legend, 40, rocked a Christmas plaid suit as the pair sang their duet on a decked-out holiday stage.

In their updated version of the iconic 1944 tune, the artists replace some of the original lyrics — which some have called sexist — with ones that are more appropriate for 2019.

“I really can’t stay (Baby it’s cold outside)/ I’ve gotta go away (I can call you a ride)/ This evening has been (so glad that you dropped in)/ So very nice (time spent with you is paradise)/ My mother will start to worry (I’ll call a car and tell ’em to hurry).”

However, since releasing the remake of the popular holiday song, Clarkson and Legend have received backlash for the new lyrics, which persisted during their Tuesday night performance.

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Kelly Clarkson and John Legend Debut Revised Version of 'Baby, It’s Cold Outside'

“They destroyed a beautiful classic ‘Baby its cold outside’ leave your PC bs for your own music please!,” one user responded to the performance on Twitter.

Another tagged The Voice along with Clarkson and Legend and wrote, “Had to change and ruin a classic bc of the #metoo movement. ugh!”

A third added, “Leave the classics alone.”

Legend, PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive, recently responded to the ongoing criticism, telling PEOPLE in November that there shouldn’t be a “debate” over which version of the song is better.

“First of all, there’s no side to be on,” he said. “It’s just another version of the song. If you don’t wanna listen to it, you don’t have to. No one’s saying you can’t listen to the old version. Those versions all exist. People make new versions of songs all the time and we thought it’d be fun to update the song and make it more current.”

But despite the backlash, Legend told PEOPLE he was happy for the buzz around the song.

“We figured it’d be fun, we figured it’d be funny and we figured it’d be newsworthy. And I think we achieved all three,” he added.

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Kelly Clarkson, John Legend

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The award-winning singer continued on to say that he wanted to keep the song light-hearted and fun.

“We wanted a comedic angle to it so I asked Natasha Rothwell from Insecure to be my co-writer on it,” the father of two explained. “She came up with so many funny ideas and we used so much of it and made a brand new version, one that’s kind of updated for now. And we had a lot of fun making it.”

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” was first penned by Frank Loesser (Guys and Dolls) in 1944 as a duet for him to sing with his wife at parties. It’s gone on to become an enduring holiday classic, sung by everyone from Dolly Parton and Rod Stewart to Michael Bublé and Idina Menzel.

The original lyrics have often raised eyebrows with lines like, “Say, what’s in this drink?” and a back-and-forth where a man tries to persuade a woman to stay the night despite her continued protests — “I really can’t,” and “The answer is no.”

Last year, the song was taken off of some radio playlists in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

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Demi Lovato Reveals Her Old AOL Screen Name Was Inspired By Kelly Clarkson


Demi Lovato has always been a hardcore Kelly Clarkson fan.

The 25-year-old singer visited SiriusXM’s Morning Mash Up on Thursday, where she happily revealed that one of her former AOL screen names was actually inspired by Clarkson.

«I had Demilicious and Little Kelly because I was obsessed with Kelly Clarkson,» she shared.

This isn’t the first time Lovato and Clarkson have expressed their mutual love for one another. In honor of Lovato’s birthday in 2015, Clarkson sang a cover of her hit «Cool For the Summer» during her concert in L.A.

«It’s one of my girls’ birthdays tomorrow…and when I say my ‘girl,’ I mean Demi Lovato,» Clarkson said as the crowd cheered. «She’s always been so supportive and so cool.»

To say Lovato was happy with the shoutout is an understatement.

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Kelly Clarkson Overcomes Her Past In Her “I Don’t Think About You” Video


Kelly Clarkson references and overcomes past struggles in her “I Don’t Think About You” video. The evocative track was selected as the second single from her soulful album, Meaning Of Life, and she brings its empowering message to life in her autobiographical visual. Released today (March 20), it references some of the hardships she faced growing up including a strained home life and battles with her management during the early days of her career. Various actresses represent the siren at different points in her life, and many of the scenes draw parallels to some of her early videography.

Intercut between the heartrending memories, a modern-day Kelly emotes in a stunning black gown. Things come to a close as the various versions of herself join her atop a plinth. As she sings, they look on and eventually disappear inside her body. Standing alone and strong, she looks on with evident pride in the woman she has become. Inspiring and striking, it is easily one of her best videos in recent memory and leaves a lasting impression.

The 35-year-old opened up about the inspiration behind the single in an earnest post on Instagram. “I Don’t Think About You’ is the moment you realize something has no power over you anymore,” she wrote alongside some footage from the visual. “We all have people and/or situations in life that mold us and sometimes those situations can feel like they’re about to break us, but this song is about that morning you wake up and you don’t even think about it anymore. It holds no power, no weight in your world, and consumes your thoughts no longer. It’s a song about freedom, honestly.”

With any luck, “I Don’t Think About You” will storm the charts and breathe new life into the album campaign. The LP’s lead single, “Love So Soft,” broke into the top 50 on the Billboard Hot 100 but lacked any real longevity, but it seems like her follow-up has the potential to take hold.

Based on the top 10 success of 2016’s “Piece by Piece,” it is clear that the public loves when the original American Idol gets a little more intimate about her life. Her latest sweeping ballad offers another glimpse into her deepest thoughts, and it should be able to replicate the success of its predecessor. Give the video a view up top!

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Kelly Clarkson & Hoda Kotb (!!) Are #1 On iTunes With “I’ve Loved You Since Forever”


Believe it or not, Kelly Clarkson and Today Show host Hoda Kotb have the the number one song on US iTunes. And no, the TV veteran doesn’t sing on “I’ve Loved You Since Forever.” Her connection is the source material. The stripped-back lullaby is based on Hoda’s similarly-titled children’s book. “Before birds flew over rainbows and monkeys swung on trees, there was you and there was me,” the inaugural American Idol sings over strummed guitar. “I’ve loved you since forever and forever is how long you’ll be loved by me.” It’s a real tearjerker.

The video premiered on The Today Show earlier this morning (March 8) and it finds Kelly performing the song in a studio. Those scenes are interspersed with a simple animation. The “Love So Soft” hitmaker should add this to Meaning Of Life. She has struggled to get a hit from the album and this is exploding on its own. Her actual single, “I Don’t Think About You,” hasn’t cracked the top 100 on iTunes yet, but it is steadily gaining ground on HAC radio. Listen to the enduring diva’s latest hit up top.

It’s me Kelly Clarkson

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Kelly Clarkson’s Carpool Karaoke Doubles as a Romantic Date With Husband Brandon Blackstock


It’s about time!

Kelly Clarkson finally got in the passenger seat of James Corden‘s car on The Late Late Showand in what might be a first for the segment, she found herself on a romantic date with none other than her husband, Brandon Blackstock.

Unfortunately his idea of romance is talking about reports from the farm, but it was a nice idea, and Kelly sure seemed delighted.

The little jaunt to work was mostly a showcase for Kelly’s voice, which is still just a delight.

She and Corden jammed out and harmonized to a bunch of her hits, including «Since U Been Gone,» «Because of You,» «Stronger,» and the newer «Love So Soft,» and Kelly proved that she can even sing about receipts and make it sound pretty damn good.Maybe next time she could even try singing some of those farm reports!

The Late Late Show airs weeknights at 12:37 a.m. on CBS.

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Superstar Collaboration: Kelly Clarkson & Pink Will Open The 2017 AMAs Together


The 2017 American Music Awards are truly shaping up to be one of the biggest nights in music this year. Producers for the show have already booked a superstar lineup of performers including Selena GomezChristina Aguilera and BTS. However, today (November 16) they dropped the ultimate bombshell by announcing a dream team collaboration: Pink and Kelly Clarkson are officially slated to open the show with a joint performance!

Both of the hitmakers have been previously announced as performers at the 2017 AMAs, but this will mark the first time they share a stage. Fans (and Kelly) have been clamoring for a collaboration between the big-voiced divas for years. “I’m a huge fan of Pink,” she said an an event earlier this year. “I haven’t had the chance yet to work with her. I think if you project it enough, it might happen, right?”

It has been rumored that Pink is performing the title track to her seventh LP, Beautiful Trauma, and Kelly is likely to perform the second single from her album Meaning of Life. However, they may end up performing a medley of hits together. Pink promised that her set at the show would be her most daring yet, so we have to expect the unexpected. Check out the official announcement below!

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Kelly Clarkson’s Next Single Will Be “Heat” Or “Medicine”


Due to a tepid response from pop radio, “Love So Soft”failed to reach the chart heights that Kelly Clarkson is used to. She’s hoping for more luck with the follow-up, which is going to be “Heat” or “Medicine.” The inaugural American Idol was asked about those tracks and “Would You Call That Love” in an interview with Official Chartsand spilled some tea. “We’re fighting over ‘Heat’ and ‘Medicine’ for the next single,” she reveals. “‘Would You Call That Love’ almost didn’t make the album because of me.”

“The whole album is very sensual, very sassy… I felt like it was the only one that had a different vibe about it, but that was the thing that everyone loved about it,” kelly explains. “I’m so happy we kept it on there.” If streaming numbers are any indication, expect Atlantic to go with “Heat.” The 35-year-old also reflected on her festive opus, Wrapped In Red. “That was my favorite record other than this one,” she beams. “I love Christmas albums because there are no rules.”

“I’d be down for making another Christmas album with this new team… I’m so up for anything these days, I’m just like, let’s do it!” Listen to the candidates for Kelly’s next single below.

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Kelly Clarkson’s «Meaning Of Life:» Album Review


America’s enduring idol Kelly Clarkson is reborn over soulful riffs on her eighth studio album, Meaning Of Life. After winning over the country with her sweet personality and evocative pipes, the “Since U Been Gone” singer developed a reputation as one of the industry’s strongest pop-rockers.

She is renowned for churning out impassioned bops. However, for as many pop anthems as she has propelled to the upper reaches of the Billboard Hot 100, her roots remain in an bold brand of soul. Her latest project offers an opportunity to return to the style with a modern twist, and she has never sounded better.

Following a foray into straightforward pop confections on 2015’s Piece by Piece, Kelly resets the mood on “A Minute (Intro).” Things get a little vibey as she gets in the right frame of mind to create. “Sometimes I need a minute just for me. I need a minute just to be,” she croons over sexy stings. Brief but telling, the intro confirms that she is taking some time to do her own thing as she hops on the soul train.

If there were any doubts about her intentions, the project’s lead single, “Love So Soft,”is sure to dash them. Effortlessly blending old and new, the supersized production launches Kelly’s voice into the stratosphere as she sings about the tender passion she shares with a lover. Although their love may be gentle, there is nothing timid about her vocals on the track.

“Hey, every kiss is a door. Can I knock on yours,” she belts on the opening lines. Her punchy delivery vibrates with life and warmth and makes for one of the most exciting releases of the year. Despite getting off to a slow start on the Billboard Hot 100, the track is on an upward trajectory and could prove to be a grower as the season progresses.

The hits keep coming as she makes a plea for passion in a relationship on “Heat.” Produced by The Monarch and Mick Schultz, Kelly’s voice keeps pace with a frenetic beat that is clearly designed to generate as much feeling as possible. If her man isn’t able to meet her needs, at least she will have the energized production to keep her warm.

The LP’s title track was left on the cutting room floor in 2015. Featuring production from Jesse Shatkin and a writing credit from James Morrison, Kelly feared it would get lost on her last album. Instead, she built her latest project around the enamored cut, on which she sings about a partner who brought meaning to her life.

“When you hold me, I finally see. When you say love, I know what it means,” she proclaims. Considering the string of bitter breakups that inspired her earliest hits like “Behind These Hazel Eyes,” it is refreshing to see the hitmaker finding a happy ending.

Possessing one of the most versatile voices in the industry, there is nothing that Kelly is incapable of. But one area where she always excels is balladry. Buzz track “Move You” is a sweeping power ballad that is universally appealing. On it she expresses a fervent desire to create something that will move listeners. “Like an echo in a canyon. Like tears, but you’re not sad. Like a sunrise on a mountain; I wanna move you like that,” she earnestly sings over an ethereal production. It is safe to say that she has accomplished her goal with the chill-inducing offering.

Things get decidedly sassier on “Whole Lotta Woman.” Taking a note out of Kesha’sbook, the track is a rollicking female-empowerment anthem. Opening with a cheeky monologue, the track brims over with attitude as Kelly counts down her many positive attributes. It’s big, brassy and brazen with a call-and-response chorus that is as undeniable as a warm biscuit on a Sunday morning. There is something massively appealing about hearing Kelly declare herself “a strong badass chick with classic confidence,” and her giddy outro is adorable.

With a doo-wop inspiration, “Cruel” is another sublime effort. Here she delivers a divine vocal track while commanding more respect from a partner. “Am I supposed to close my eyes and fall asleep when you’re not home? ‘Cause I wanna believe you, but I wonder if you’re all alone,” she bemoans before demanding he stop playing games. It isn’t quite the sparse but meteoric crossover Rihanna had with “Love on the Brain,” but Kelly’s would be at home on any soundtrack.

No Kelly Clarkson release is complete without an era-defining kiss-off anthem, and Meaning Of Life provides several potential options. The first is “Medicine,” an ’80s-influenced bop on which she purges a lover from her system. Featuring the most blazingly pop production the track feels a little out of place on the album, and the dated bridge makes it a bit of a miss. It may be a guilty pleasure, but it isn’t of the caliber as the rest of the album.

“Didn’t I” and “Would You Call That Love” are more likely to be in the running. The first builds up nicely to a powerhouse chorus that packs a punch. “Didn’t I give you everything,” she bellows at a man who left her high and dry. The latter puts an interesting spin on her brand of breakup songs. Instead of ruminating on the bitter end of her relationship she sends her lover well wishes.

The trend continues on “I Don’t Think About You.” “I love that woman that I became,” she sings on the evocative ballad. Her voice soars through some intricate gymnastics on what could be one of her most challenging arrangements. Unsurprisingly, she misses no steps and delivers something truly commendable for both the vocal excellence and personal growth she displays.

Coming toward the back end of the project, the atmospheric “Slow Dance” is a gorgeous highlight on Meaning of Life. The sultry slow burner puts a riff on a classic torch song as Kelly woos a potential lover whom she fears is a bit of a ladies’ man. Instead of falling victim to his sexy advances she demands they take things slow. “I’m not going home with you tonight, but you can hold my hand,” she declares before offering to teach him how to dance.

Romantic and ethereal, it is the perfect production for the 35-year-old hitmaker. Followup track “Don’t You Pretend” serves as a fitting sequel. Opening as a ballad, the track morphs into a striding midtempo as Kelly demands a man be honest about his feelings. “Baby, I want to love you, but I can’t take the suspense,” she implores as the production builds to a crescendo alongside a choir.

The album’s closer, “Go High,” interpolates Michelle Obama’s classic “When they go low, we go high” to end on an optimistic note. The frothy track resonates with a timely message that both makes sense in the current political landscape and rings true to Kelly’s own brand. For an artist who proclaimed that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” six years later she still cannot be knocked down.

A little sassy but entirely classy, Meaning Of Life is Kelly’s strongest project in years. The LP abounds with potential singles, and her voice is stronger than ever before. Returning to her roots had truly opened a wealth of opportunities for the superstar.

On the album, Kelly has clearly discovered the meaning of her life. It is not defined by any man who holds her and brings her purpose. Instead, she found it in vibrant rhythms, bold productions and thrilling runs. She found it in the relationships she fostered and the experiences she has had. She created something that will move a collective audience, and it is easily one of the brightest moments in 2017.

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