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5 Things You Need To Know About Taylor Swift’s Rumored Boyfriend, Joe Alwyn


1. He Lives With His Parents

Alwyn is the son of a psychotherapist mother and documentary-maker father and guess what? He lives with his mom and dad! He told the Evening Standard in February he was in no rush to leave the sanctity of his parents’ home. We wonder what Tay thinks about that?

2. You’ve Probably Never Heard of Him, But The Hollywood Reporter Dubbed Him «Hollywood’s Next Big Thing»

We hadn’t heard of Alwyn until earlier today, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t about to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue (and not just because he may be dating the world’s most eligible bachelorette)—he’s about to be huge.

His first film role was the lead in Oscar winner Ang Lee’s Iraq War film, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, in 2016. (By the way: T-Swizzle was totally caught heading to see that film right around the time of its release). He also appears in The Sense of an Ending with Matthew Goode and Michelle Dockery. He’s also slated to star in the film The Favourite, opposite Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz and Nicholas Hoult.

3. He Isn’t the First Joe She’s Dated

Lest we forget, the «Wildest Dreams» also dated Joe Jonas. He also isn’t the only guys she’s dated who lives with his parents, although Conor Kennedy was in boarding school most of the year, so that one may not count…

4. He’s Kind of a Model

The actor has done a photo shoot with one of Swift’s besties, Gigi Hadid. Alwyn and Hadid did a Mario Testino shoot for Vogue in September 2016.

5. He’s Studied A Lot

He isn’t just resting on his good looks. He knows that acting is a craft that takes serious study. The 26-year-old has studied theater at both the Royal Central School of Speech in London and Drama and City of London School.

 This article was originally published by E! News

Taylor Swift Is dating British actor Joe Alwyn


Taylor Swift has been mostly flying under the radar since her very public relationship ended with 36-year-old actor Tom Hiddleston. Today, though, The Sun reports that Taylor has moved on with yet another British actor.

The tabloid reports that Taylor has been secretly dating 26-year-old Joe Alwyn. While you might not be all too familiar with Joe, that might be because his career is relatively just starting. Last year, he had his first breakout role as the star of Ang Lee’s film Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.

What’s more, The Sun quoted a source — so take all of this with a hefty grain of salt — who said that Taylor has been “spending days at a time in London disguising herself wearing a wig in a bid to keep the romance under wraps.” So, could it be that the duo has actually been spotted out and about without the public’s knowledge? It’s not impossible. The source added that “Taylor and Joe are the real deal, this is a very serious relationship. But after what happened with Tom Hiddleston, they were determined to keep it quiet.”

With the same sandy blonde locks and similar coloring, the pair actually look quite similar. Though, that said, with Taylor’s rumored disguises, perhaps they look quite different on their outings in London. That same source told The Sun, “She’s been walking around with Joe in London using disguises, like scarves and hats, to keep her identity under wraps. Nobody has a clue they’ve been walked past a music superstar – not even her new neighbors.”

Though it’s unclear when the pair first met, Joe was actually in attendance at the 2016 Met Gala. Yes, that’s the same Met Gala that Taylor herself hosted. How’s that for coming full-circle?

With little social media presence to speak of, it seems as though Joe might be just the under-the-radar relationship that Taylor needs right now. So, sorry to all of you super-sleuths: The duo is definitely not making it easy for any of us!

 This article was originally published by Teen Vogue
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