Harry Styles protagoniza la nueva campaña de Gucci


Una vez más, Harry Styles es el elegido por su amigo Alessandro Michelle para ser el protagonista de la nueva campaña de Gucci.

Para esta ocasión , el popular cantante le pondrá su imágen a los colección «Beloved«.

Harry Styles para Gucci. Foto: IG.

Como adelanto de esta campaña repleta de estrellas, se lo ve al cantante con una gran sonrisa y luce un look de primavera de 2021 que incluye un abrigo de piel, una camisa estampada con flores, el famoso collar de plátano fálico y una cartera (de la cuál apenas se puede ver una pequeña parte).

Campaña Gucci Beloved. Foto: IG.

Pero en esta campaña, no solo Harry es el elegido, sino que Gucci convocó a otras celebridades de alto nivel.

Dakota Johnson y Sienna Miller, son actrices favoritas de la etiqueta quienes estarán también presentes.

Campaña Gucci Beloved. Foto: IG.

Pero también veremos caras nuevas como James Corden, Serena Williams, Diane Keaton y Awkwafina, quienes están haciendo su gran debut en Gucci.

Campaña Gucci Beloved. Foto: IG.

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Harry Styles revela el Behind The Scenes de GOLDEN


Las sorpresas continúan para los fans de Harry Styles, descubre cómo se grabó el video musical de Golden con una nueva perspectiva de lo que se vivió en el set.

Cuando el cantante británico reveló su álbum Fine Line, su talento interpretativo cautivó a todos sus seguidores, pero una vez que el video para Golden se dio a conocer, la canción se convirtió todo un éxito entre el público alrededor del mundo. El nuevo clip para esta canción te mostrará la experiencia de filmar un video musicaljunto a Harry Styles.

La personalidad del artista brilló frente a las cámaras y con ayuda de una talentosa producción se apoderaron de las calles de Italia para capturar el aura presente en la melodía, así que todo fan disfrutó del video.


La cuenta de YouTube del cantante publicó el video de cómo se grabó el sencillo que Styles promocionó más recientemente, así que podemos verlo divirtiéndose en el agua, y haciéndose cargo de los preparativos de su imagen con cambios de outfit y estilos de cabello.

En el clip también observamos a la producción trabajar en conjunto y desplazarse de un sitio a otro mientras capturan los movimientos de Harry Styles.

Aunque el video de Golden nos muestra a Harry correr sin parar durante varias escenas, esta vez los fans obtuvieron un nuevo vistazo a cómo se grabó cada una de ellas, así como otros clips en escenarios que no tuvieron tanto peso dentro del resultado final.

Hace poco te contamos que Harry Styles tuvo una entrevista que lo llevó a abrir su corazón y hablar sobre cómo percibe la moda y la vida en general.

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Songs of the Summer 2020: Billboard Picks

Harry Styles "Watermelon Sugar"
PHAM Harry Styles «Watermelon Sugar»


DaBaby and Roddy Ricch’s «Rockstar» may have been named Billboard‘s Song of the Summer after ruling the Songs of the Summer chart for 13 out of 15 weeks, but it wasn’t the only hot tune we had on repeat the last few months.

Harry Styles‘ sweet «Watermelon Sugar» was a staff favorite, as was Benee’s «Supalonely» (appropriate, considering all the social distancing and quarantining we’ve been doing). Below, find out which songs had us dancing and humming during the warm-weather months of 2020, and listen to all the tunes in our playlist.

Aminé, “Compensating” (feat. Young Thug)

«The slinky beats on this song, with Aminé’s bouncy bars and ad-libs, always got me shimmying my shoulders. But Thugger literally eating on the beat made me love it that much more.» — Heran Mamo

Benee, «Supalonely» (feat. Gus Dapperton)

«Every year there seems to be at least one song with a retro vibe that breaks through the noise and becomes a radio hit, and this one feels like it checks the boxes for 2020. For one, it’s got a paradoxically uptempo vibe, is catchy as hell, and has a random dude named Gus Dapperton on it. For another, it’s also about being, ahem, super lonely, which seems like a common enough sentiment for #PandemicLife that everyone can relate to it in one way or another. It is truly surprising it didn’t become bigger, but such is the lonely life we lead.» — Dan Rys

«This delightful tune blends classic pop/soul values with a thoroughly contemporary vibe. It joins a long line of songs with sad lyrics set to a bouncy beat. Just one problem: ‘Supalonely’ peaked at No. 39 on the Billboard Hot 100. This shoulda been a top 10 smash. « — Paul Grein

BLACKPINK, «How You Like That»

«I’m a sucker for sassy, edgy tunes, and this catchy one by BLACKPINK totally stuck with me this summer, despite the fact that K-pop is generally not my jam. Whether I was consciously hitting ‘play’ or subconsciously humming it, I couldn’t escape the song — nor did I want to.» — Anna Chan

BTS, «Dynamite»

«‘Dynamite’ is so instantly grabby and danceable, the first time I heard it I thought, ‘Is this some kind of mad genius lite-funk mind-control experiment from the disco days?'» — Gil Kaufman

Chris Brown & Young Thug, “Go Crazy”

«Fresh off his 2019 summer smash ‘No Guidance’ featuring Drake, C. Breezy etched out a new earworm with Thugger a year later. The dance-happy bop not only birthed the #GoCrazyChallenege, but solidified Breezy and Thugger’s status as summertime heavy hitters. « — Carl Lamarre

Dougie Poole, “Los Angeles”

«I like this strangely sublime song because it’s a new take on the road trip anthem, negotiating ambition and love across a cosmic cross-country journey. It’s breezy yet sophisticated, weird but surprisingly familiar (much of the guitar work feels borrowed from Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”) and perfect for staring directly into the ceiling fan while getting lost in the circular patterns.» — Dave Brooks

Dua Lipa, «Love Is Religion» (The Blessed Madonna Remix)

«Madonna made a cameo on The Blessed Madonna’s remix of Dua Lipa’s ‘Levitating.’ but the real Material Girl homage came via the producer’s Club Future Nostalgia‘s edit of ‘Love Is Religion.’ Emotionally deep and deliriously joyful, the track packs serious ‘Like a Prayer’ vibes (The Blessed Madonna called that latter track «among the most perfect records ever made») and delivered the uplift that, after a seriously hard summer, we were all in need of.» — Katie Bain

Glass Animals, “Heat Waves”

«It’s more or less in the name, but this standout track from the U.K. group’s new album Dreamland is an absolute sizzler. It’s catchy and compellancholy, which is a new word I’ve just invented that means a mix of ‘compelling’ and ‘melancholy.’ The perfect tune for ‘late nights in the middle of June’ and beyond.» — Gab Ginsberg

Gunna, «Dollaz on My Head» (feat. Young Thug)

«During a summer in which we were denied the opportunity to watch Gunna perform ‘Dollaz on My Head’ at hip-hop festivals and his own shows, I settled for head-banging to its beat a countless amount of times while driving around the New Jersey suburbs. I am certainly not cool, but Gunna is, effortlessly; his tossed-off observations have never sounded slicker than on this Mike WiLL Made-It/Myles Harris production, and Young Thug, ever the chameleon, slips into the groove on its back half, providing some bounce to balance out Gunna’s viscous flow.» — Jason Lipshutz

Harry Styles, «Watermelon Sugar»

«A sweet blast of Peter Gabriel-esque power-pop that oozed summer out of every note.» — Ian Drew

«The past few months have been extremely bad for many reasons, but tuning out for a few moments every so often and listening to Harry Styles’ fruit-filled musings has been the closest thing I’ve gotten to a true ‘summer feeling.'» — Josh Glicksman

«From the lyrics that mention summer no fewer than four times to the languid, woozy feel of the song, ‘Watermelon Sugar’ provided the perfect respite from a summer that most of us would rather forget. Add in a mouth-watering video that not only brought the beach into the viewer’s living room but took eating watermelon to a new orgiastic heights and Styles provided peak escapism when we needed it the most.» — Melinda Newman

«Mostly because I’m a sucker for Harry Styles dressed in Gucci on the beach. Who isn’t?» — Mia Nazareno

«It’s such a feel-good, carefree, and quite relaxing song.» — Quinton McMillan

«Harry Styles says ‘summer’ six times in ‘Watermelon Sugar,’ so it’s taking the crown for me. Also, the breezy melody and music video will have me wishing for berries and that summer feelin’ well into fall and winter.» — Rania Aniftos

Jayda G, «Both of Us»

«I’m convinced that this airy, blissed-out house earworm from Canadian producer-DJ Jayda G works for any occasion. I had it on loop all summer, whether I was working, working out, hanging at home in quarantine or doing what it was clearly meant for — dancing.» — Tatiana Cirisano

Jowell y Randy with J Balvin, «Anaranjado»

«Jowell y Randy are keeping perreo and old-school reggaeton alive one song at a time — and ‘Anaranjado’ is proof of that. The slowed-down contemporary urban tune in collaboration with J Balvin is both captivating and sensual, perfect for dedicating to that special someone and dancing to it all summer long.» — Jessica Roiz

Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande, «Rain on Me»

«Because no better hit could soundtrack this messy summer with a motto that reminds us to be thankful for what we do have. » — Lyndsey Havens

Morgan Wallen, «7 Summers»

«A great country track that peaked at No. 6 on the Hot 100.» — Thom Duffy

Phoebe Bridgers, «Kyoto»

«‘Kyoto’ came out in April but really picked up play for me during this mess of a summer, as it was the perfect high-low combo: an upbeat rocker (with trumpet and pocket piano!) coupled with darkly funny lines like ‘I’m gonna kill you/ If you don’t beat me to it.’ It is the perfect time for a sardonic Song of the Summer.» — Christine Werthman

Renee Blair, «Heatin’ Up My Summer»

«I’ve already expressed my appreciation once on Billboard for how this ‘Carly Rae-goes-country banger’ saved me the trouble of having to pretend to engage in a traditional summer myself. Now, though, I’m also realizing that while its sound is low-stakes warm-weather, its tone is actually more Summer 2020-appropriate — frustrated, yearning, and seemingly unsure of how much of its anxiousness is based on real life and how much is just going on in Renee Blair’s own head.»
— Andrew Unterberger

Rina Sawayama, «Comme des Garcons (Like the Boys)»

«Rina Sawayama’s ‘Comme des Garcons (Like the Boys)’ was my go-to summer 2020 dance jam (and therefore, my song of the summer): With chilly Chicago house grooves, a disco veneer and a touch of electrocrash attitude, it’ll get you moving, but it’s laid-back enough that you’re not going to embarrass yourself on the tiled dance floor of Club Kitchen (where the acoustics are decent but the lighting is terrible). » — Joe Lynch

Rosalía & Travis Scott, «TKN» 

«To this day, I still don’t know what TKN stands for, but it sure stuck with me all summer long thanks to an easy-to-remember chorus and the song’s irresistible fusion of reggaeton, dembow and trap.» — Griselda Flores

Shamir, «On My Own»

«Putting aside the on-the-nose theme of isolation while living through a global pandemic, ‘On My Own’ was the hazy, guitar-filled jam that I needed this summer. Shamir’s crystal-clear vocals and deep-cutting songwriting just made for a deeply satisfying experience every time I pressed play on this song.» — Stephen Daw

Taylor Swift, «The Last Great American Dynasty»

«Despite Folklore‘s general evocation of chillier seasons, ‘The Last Great American Dynasty’ gives off a more summery-vibe. (Perhaps it’s because the famed Holiday House was the site of Swift’s Instagram-friendly Fourth of July parties.) As for why it was on repeat? I like to imagine myself having a marvelous time ruining everything.» — Denise Warner


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Harry Styles Talks Meditating, Cooking, and Adjusting to Life in Quarantine

Harry Styles

Harry Styles shared his quarantine experience on a FaceTime call with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe.

Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Harry Styles shared his quarantine experience on a FaceTime call with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, discussing his adjustment to isolation, his daily schedule, and thoughts on the ongoing pandemic.

“I think we’re kind of adjusting to the new normal,” he told Lowe. “I think for a lot of people, the reality’s setting in. … At first, it’s like, ‘Oh, we’re all in and we get to watch movies and eat burritos,’ and live the kind of meme life. And then you speak to people around the world. … I have some friends in Italy and stuff, and for them it’s really scary.”

“There’s hundreds of people dying every day and you kind of, if you’re in your house, you get to kind of remove from it a little bit and you get to watch films and read books and listen to music, which is amazing,” he continued. “But I think you get that humbling moment where you just remember that actually this is a very serious thing. So, yeah, it’s definitely been an adjustment, and there’s people who aren’t with their families, and it’s a really hard time to be a single person living on your own right now.”

Styles is currently staying with friends, cooking, and also getting food delivered — while the option lasts. “We’ve been ordering as long as we can because we figured there’ll be a point where we can’t, and we obviously know the businesses are struggling,” he noted.

He’s also been maintaining somewhat of a routine while under self-quarantine. “I meditate. So I’ll meditate in the morning, and then have a coffee and do some reading to kind of just try to wake up a little bit,” he said. “And then I go for a run, try and get some air and some sunshine, and try and work out in the morning or something. And then I’ll try to do a little work and just go for a walk in the afternoon. I have just been trying to get some air and not see anyone. But I’ve been going for drives and stuff just to get some air and some sun on my face.”

Styles recently rescheduled his European tour in support of his new album, Fine Line, to 2021. “We were hitting the road in a couple of weeks,” he told Lowe. “It’s kind of across the board. Everyone’s shut down, so it doesn’t feel so ‘Woe is me, why is this happening to me?’ type thing.”

However, he’s been using the time at home to create music. “I’ve been writing so much,” he said. “To be honest, I’m doing some of the stuff that I should be doing more often anyway. … I should be playing the guitar more. I should be writing poems and lyrics more. So I’ve been doing a lot of that.”

He also suspected that time in quarantine will produce a lot of music. “I think a lot of powerful music is going to come from that,” he said, “because ultimately you have people who have a need to express themselves through music and writing and film and so many different ways, who are now having a lot of extra time with no distractions. … It gives you an ability to have almost like a bird’s-eye view of the world and your life.”

While in quarantine, Styles’ friend Stevie Nicks recently sent out a PSA warning fans to stay home and practice social distancing. She also compared Fine Line to a Fleetwood Mac classic: “Way to go H,” she said. “It is your Rumours.”

Harry Styles’ Pan-European Tour Delayed Due to Coronavirus Crisis


Harry Styles’ extensive tour of the U.K. and Europe will be rescheduled to 2021 due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

With several European states entering lockdown and closing their borders to fellow EU states, there was simply no way Styles could take his show on the road in the coming months.

“Anyone who knows me, knows that performing has always been my favorite part of working in music,” Styles explains in a post on his socials. “However, during times like these, the safety and protection of touring crew, fans, and everyone else around the world is an immediate priority.”

Harry Styles.


Anyone who knows me, knows that performing has always been my favorite part of working in music.

However, during times like these, the safety and protection of touring crew, fans, and everyone else around the world is an immediate priority.

View image on Twitter

Harry Styles.


For obvious reasons, the upcoming tour in the UK and Europe will be rescheduled to 2021. Tickets already purchased will be valid for these shows. In the meantime, we will be closely monitoring the situation around the world and will continue updating you in the months to come.

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The former One Direction star also took the opportunity to remind fans to self-isolate during the health crisis. “We’re all in this together,” he explains. “I can’t wait to see you out on the road as soon as it’s safe to do so. Until then, treat people with kindness.”

Harry Styles.


For the safety of yourself and others, please self-isolate. We’re all in this together.

I can’t wait to see you out on the road as soon as it’s safe to do so. Until then, treat people with kindness.


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New dates in support of his chart-topping sophomore solo album Fine Line are set to begin from Feb. 12, 2021 in Bologna, Italy.

The Brit’s Love On Love trek was originally set to kickoff in his homeland this April with a run of arena dates, followed by a pan-European jaunt running through June.

There’s no announcement yet on Styles’ North American dates, which are scheduled to start in late June.

Styles’ change of plans come just days after the U.K.’s prime minister Boris Johnson announced a nationwide lockdown to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. All social events have been banned in Britain, including weddings, and new restrictions are in place on public gatherings of more than two people.


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