Así fue la emotiva despedida de Fifth Harmony tras su última presentación


Fifth Harmony

El grupo hizo su última reverencia.

Antes de su pausa indefinida, Fifth Harmony fue a las redes sociales para agradecer a los fanáticos y decir adiós luego del último show del grupo.

Desde su Twitter oficial, el cuarteto escribió: «No podríamos haber pedido un show final mejor, ¡gracias a todos los que vinieron esta noche! Florida, ¡los queremos! Están para siempre en NUESTROS corazones».

El grupo de cuatro ha se despidió compuesto por Ally Brooke, Normani, Dinah Jane y Lauren JaureguiCamila Cabello salió el 18 de diciembre de 2016.

El viernes por la noche, AllyNormaniDinah y Lauren posaron para las fotos antes de subir al escenario juntas en Hard Rock Live en The Event Center Hollywood, FL.

Antes de su espectáculo final, las chicas también saltaban en las redes sociales para compartir sus tributos personales al resto del grupo.

El viernes, Normani publicó una foto en blanco y negro de las chicas y escribió: «PARA SIEMPRE Y SIEMPRE. Las amo más de lo que nunca sabrán. Gracias a Dios por todo».

Ally Brooke publicó una foto llena de diversión del cuarteto.

El domingo, Dinah Jane twitteó una foto y escribió: «Hasta la próxima vez x @FifthHarmony».

Mientras tanto, Lauren Jauregui publicó una foto de su última noche y simplemente escribió, «Gracias».

El 19 de marzo, las chicas sorprendieron a los fanáticos cuando anunciaron que tomarían un descanso indefinido.

«Reflexionando sobre los últimos seis años desde que comenzamos en X Factor, nos hemos dado cuenta de lo lejos que hemos llegado y apreciamos mucho todo, más ahora que nunca», dijeron en un comunicado emitido por el grupo, citando su inicio en el espectáculo británico. «¡Realmente hemos tenido un viaje memorable juntos y no podemos comenzar a expresar nuestra gratitud a todos ustedes por acompañarnos en este viaje salvaje!».

La nota continuó: «Después de seis años trabajando duro, sin parar, también nos dimos cuenta de que para ser auténticas con nosotros mismas y con ustedes, necesitamos tomar un tiempo por el momento para ir a un hiato de Fifth Harmony con el fin de perseguir esfuerzos solitarios «.

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Fifth Harmony Announces Plans For An Indefinite Hiatus To Pursue Solo Careers


Fifth Harmony has announced plans to go on an indefinite hiatus in order to allow the members to pursue solo careers. The “He Like That” girl group took to social media today (March 19) to share the news in a heartfelt announcement to their fans. “Reflecting on the past six years since we started on X-Factor, we’ve realized just how far we’ve come and we appreciate everything so much, more now than ever. We’ve really had one hell of a memorable journey together and can’t begin to express our gratitude to y’all for coming along with us on this wild ride,” they wrote.

However, they explained the need to take some time away from the group in order to continue growing creatively and personally. “We also realized that in order to stay authentic to ourselves and to you, we do need to take some time for now to go on a hiatus from Fifth Harmony in order to pursue solo endeavors.” They expressed their excitement about the opportunity and said that doing so would enable them to gain new experiences and skills to bring back to the group later. They also shared their appreciation to their fans who have followed them for years.

“To our Harmonizers, thank you for everything we have been able to build as Fifth Harmony. With your love and encouragement we will continue to build on ourselves, support one another in everything we do, and keep making you proud, each other proud and ourselves proud.” The “Work From Home” sirens will see their way through any scheduled performances through the end of the year, but afterwards it is unclear when they will reunite again.

The announcement is not terribly surprising considering each of the girls have been making moves to kickstart their solo careers in the last few months. Ally Brooke recently signed a solo management dealwith Larry Rudolph, while Normani featured on the Love, Simon soundtrack alongside Khalid. Meanwhile Lauren Jauregui and Dinah Jane have been slowly stretching their wings with a handful of appearances on tracks. Lauren in particular has established herself as a bit of a club queen after teaming up with Steve Aoki on “All Night.”

Almost immediately after sharing the news, fans flooded social media with support for the budding solo stars and got #ThankYouFifthHarmony trending on Twitter. It seems as though the group will have plenty of support in whatever they do moving forward. With any luck, they will be able to recreate the impressive success former member Camila Cabello has discovered since leaving the group in 2016. Check out their official announcement below!

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Camila Cabello Reflects On Being Dissed By Fifth Harmony At The VMAs


Camila Cabello opened up about her budding solo career and her past ventures in a profile with the New York Times. The “Never Be The Same” siren sat down for an in-depth interview with the publication ahead of the release of her self-titled albumtomorrow (January 12). In it, she reflected on leaving Fifth Harmony and on being dissed by her former group mates during a performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards.

It has been just over a year since the 20-year-old left the girl group. After announcing her departure in December of 2016, the hitmaker remained relatively silent about what went on behind the scenes. “There’s a healthy amount of space you need to give certain things,” she explained. However, she clarified that drama started building as she began to pursue side projects such as her collaboration with Shawn Mendes on “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

“I was just curious and I wanted to learn and I saw all these people around me making music, writing songs and being so free,” she said. After the collaboration became a hit, Camila hit the recording studio with other artists. This created additional tension within the group and forced her to make some tough choices. “If anyone wants to explore their individuality, it’s not right for people to tell you no.”

Leaving the group resulted in some drama, which reached a pinnacle during 5H’s performance at the VMAs last August. As the girls began their set, they dropped a fifth member from an elevated stage piece. According to the NYT, Camila got teary-eyed while discussing watching the moment at home with her family. “I wasn’t expecting it, I wasn’t prepared for it — especially because at that point I’d moved on from it. I was just like, ‘What? Why?’”

Describing the move as “petty,” she declared that she did her best not to let it bother her. “I have to make space for the good stuff to happen in my life,” she said. In the interview Camila also discussed the potential of going on tour and what has inspired her. The profile also chats with her family and management to offer additional insight about her start on The X Factor and releasing “Crying In The Club” before finding breakout success with “Havana.” Revisit the dramatic performance below and read the rest of her interview here.

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Fifth Harmony Delivers An Acoustic Cover Of Calvin Harris & Katy Perry’s “Feels”


Fifth Harmony is the latest act to hit the Spotify studio in NYC and record a couple of live tracks from the streaming giant. They deliver a feisty rendition of “He Like That,” which has to ranks as one of 2017’s most slept-on singles, and also perform a surprise cover of Calvin Harris and Katy Perry’s “Feels.” Given that they stick to the Witness diva’s chorus, it’s brief — coming in at just over 1:30 minutes. However, it’s still very much worth a listen for the 5H completist.

It has been an interesting era for Fifth Harmony. Their profile seems to grow by the day with individual members landing management deals and high-profile features, but the reception to their self-titled third LP has been lukewarm. Lead single, “Down,” failed to fire on the Billboard Hot 100 and they have had even less success with followup releases. It will be interesting to see if they can turn it around or decide to focus on solo endeavors instead. Check out their impressive Spotify singles below.

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Pitbull & Fifth Harmony’s “Por Favor” Video Has An Asian Twist



Pitbull and Fifth Harmony recently debuted their catchy collaboration, “Por Favor,” at the Latin American Music Awards. Since then, Mr. Worldwide and the ladies have promoted it with appearances on Dancing With The Stars and TRL. With Latin music taking over pop radio courtesy of massive crossover hits like “Despacito” and “Mi Gente,” the song feels perfectly timed. The video dropped today (November 27) and instead on capitalizing on the track’s Latin sound, it opts for an Asian twist.

The visual finds Pitbull on a date with a sword-wielding femme fatale in a Japanese compound. Unfortunately, the rapper doesn’t really interact with Fifth Harmony. The girl group simply does their thing — serve looks and attitude — in a separate room. It has been a busy year for both artists. Pit dropped his 10th LP, Climate Change, and is gearing up to release a greatest hits on December 1 — complete with a new single called “Jungle.” As for 5H, they released their self-titled third LP (their first as a quartet) and began carving out solo careers with a string of one-off collaborations. Watch “Por Favor” up top.

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Pitbull & Fifth Harmony Tease Their “Por Favor” Video On ‘TRL’


Pitbull and Fifth Harmony debuted their catchy collaboration, “Por Favor,” at the Latin American Music Awards on October 26. Since then, Mr. Worldwide and America’s favorite girl group have promoted it with appearances on Dancing With The Stars and TRL. They shared a preview of the video on the latter and it looks like a glamorous affair with flawless outfits and sexy choreography. With Latin music taking over pop radio courtesy of crossover hits like “Despacito” and “Mi Gente,” this could be big.

It has been a busy year for both artists. Pit dropped his 10th LP, Climate Change, and is gearing up to release a greatest hits on December 1 — complete with a new single called “Jungle.” As for 5H, they released their self-titled third LP (their first as a quartet) and began carving out solo careers with a string of one-off collaborations. If “Por Favor” catches fire, they will both end the year on a high. Watch a preview of the video below.

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Sam Smith Adorably Fans Out When Fifth Harmony Surprises Him in Awesome New ‘Carpool Karaoke’


James Corden hit the crowded streets of Los Angeles with Sam Smith for a new installment of «Carpool Karaoke»

The pair rode around the city in Corden’s SUV on Wednesday’s Late Late Show, singing some of Smith’s most iconic songs and dishing on their personal lives.

While Smith is a huge star in his own right, the 25-year-old singer-songwriter admitted that he still gets starstruck from time to time when he meets a celeb he’s particularly fond of, including one particularly handsome leading man.

«Ryan Gosling in person? Oh my god, I was dead,» Smith marveled, and Corden couldn’t help but agree.

«When I look at Ryan Gosling, I’m like, ‘Technically, we’re the same species,'» Corden added, laughing.

However, Smith’s true adoration seems like it’s reserved for Fifth Harmony, who he said he was «obsessed» with.

«When I hear them, I feel free, I feel alive, I feel like the woman in me is on fire!» Smith said, showering the band with effusive praise.

«‘Work From Home,’ I listen to every time before I go out [on stage],» he continued. «I think it’s my wedding song. I want to walk down the aisle to it in heels. I would love it if I got Fifth Harmony to come out to my wedding.»

To celebrate Smith’s self-proclaimed status as a «Harmonizer,» the two broke out into a karaoke cover of their hit single «Work From Home,» but it only lasted a few moments before Corden said he just wasn’t feeling it.

Pulling over to the side of the road, Corden pulled out his cellphone and called an unknown number. Speaking to the person on the other end of the line, Corden explained that he and Smith were singing «Work From Home,» but he felt «it could be elevated somehow.»

Smith, who was confused when Corden pulled over, suddenly shot Corden a very dubious look, and, as the girls of Fifth Harmony ran up and hopped into the backseat, the legitimately surprised pop star completely lost his cool.

«Oh I’m dead! No! Oh my god!» Smith screamed as he first tried to hide in his seat and then excitedly gave out hugs. «I’m shaking. I’m actually shaking. Oh my god, this is my dream!»

As Lauren Jauregui, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane and Ally Brooke squeezed together in the back seat, the whole group cranked up the music and performed a wildly enthusiastic cover of the hit song, with Smith adding some of his own signature vocal styling.

«Oh my god, I can’t believe that they were here,» Smith said as he and Corden drove back onto the CBS lot to end the fun segment. «That made my year.»

Recently, Corden took a «Carpool Karaoke» ride with Miley Cyrus, where the singer opened up about being high while filming the music video for «Wrecking Ball» and how she got in trouble on the set of The Voice.

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Pitbull Joins Forces With Fifth Harmony For Latin Bop “Por Favor”


How does Fifth Harmony do it? When the girl group isn’t promoting their new LP, they are working on solo projects — and random collaborations. The hitmakers made an unexpected cameo at last night’s (October 26) Latin American Music Awards, joining forces with Pitbullon a new, Spanish-language track called “Por Favor.” Latin music is hotter than ever in 2017 courtesy of crossover hits like “Despacito” and “Mi Gente,” which means that there could be big plans for this sultry, instantly-hummable anthem.

Mr. Worldwide shows his usual swagger on the track, while Fifth Harmony bring the vocal hooks and killer chorus. It’s a return to form for Pit after missing the mark with multiple singles from 10th LP, Climate Change. It was his first (English) album since breaking through with “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)” not to produce a top 10 hit. But if anyone can capitalize on the Latin craze currently taking hold of pop radio, it’s the Miami rapper.

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The Ladies Of Fifth Harmony “Deliver” Glamor In Their New Video


Fifth Harmony casually dropped a video for “Deliver” on the weekend. The girl group channels The Supremesin their latest visual, serving old school glamor in matching ’60s gowns and gloves. It’s a simple premise, but it works well in this context. Particularly given that “Deliver” is another bop. Produced by The Stereotypes, the ladies’ latest buzz track is another R&B-leaning banger with sexy lyrics and a chorus that burrows further into your brain after each listen. This would make a great third single after “He Like That.”

While the content keeps on coming, 5H is yet to land a knock-out blow like “Work From Home” or “Worth It.” The most likely contender is “He Like That,” but it hasn’t made much of an impact on iTunes or pop radio yet. The album’s confusing rollout could be a factor. They have already released four videos and performed multiple singles on TV. It’s hard to tell what they’re actually promoting at times. Having said all that, “Deliver” is still a bop and the retro video is well worth a watch. Check it out up top.

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Fifth Harmony Teases Seductive New Single “He Like That”


With just a few days until the release of their self-titled third LP, the ladies of Fifth Harmony are teasing fans with another taste of new music. Today (August 23), they offered up a short snippet of the album’s next official single “He Like That,” and it sounds like a massive hit. The track sees the group teaming back up with “Down” writers Joshua Coleman and Dallas Koehlke, but they add Ester Dean and a handful of other collaborators to the mix. Ammo and DallasK return for production, and they deliver what sounds like a buoyant anthem.

“He like that bang, bang, bang,” the ladies sing on a short preview of the single that they posted on Twitter. They seem to be taking the sensual track straight to the club in the music video. The small amount of footage provided shows them preparing for a dance break after getting comfortable in a crowd of men. The quartet was coy about when fans would get to hear the track in full, but they promised that it is coming soon. Shortly after posting the snippet, Vevo revealed that they had teamed up with the ladies to premiere the track’s music video during a live stream celebrating the album’s release Friday. It seems likely that we’ll hear “He Like That” in full before then, though. “Down” peaked just outside of the top 40 and seemed a little reductive for the hitmakers, but it sounds like they’ve got things in order this time around. Get a taste of the seductive track below!

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