Fergie To Host New Talent Show «The Four: Battle For Stardom»


Fergie has signed on to host a new talent show called The Four: Battle For Stardom. “This is a unique and modern show format that I believe will set the standard for the next generation of singing competition series on TV,” she told Variety. “I am looking forward to being by the contestants’ sides during what could be the most important performances of their lives. Along with these amazing panelists whom I know and love, I hope my experiences as a solo artist and as a member of The Black Eyed Peas can help guide them in their quest to make it in the music industry.”

Who are these panelists? Music industry heavy-hitters DiddyDJ KhaledMeghan Trainor and Republic Records president Charlie Walk. I have talent show fatigue, but this concept sounds interesting. “Four finalists are named at the beginning of the series, with new contestants competing in subsequent weeks to take one of the coveted four spots,” is how Variety explains the latest addition to Fox’s line-up. This is a smart move for Fergie. One of the reasons Double Dutchess tanked was her low profile and nothing fixes that like prime-time TV.

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Fergie’s “A Little Work” Sums Up Everything Right & Wrong About «Double Dutchess»


After years of delays and the messiest rollout in recent history, Fergie’s Double Dutchess finally arrived on Friday (September 22). And it’s a lot better than I expected. The rap tracks (“Like It Ain’t Nuttin’” and “You Already Know,” for example) are fire and the accompanying visual album is surprisingly personal. However, as a whole, it just doesn’t have its finger on the pulse in the way that her solo debut, 2006’s iconic The Dutchess, did. The pros and cons of the hitmaker’s new era are summed up in her sprawling “A Little Work” video.

Let’s start with the song. “A Little Work” is a cute ballad with an uplifting message, but it sounds extremely dated and lacks the hooks to linger in the minder longer than its four minute running time. If it was supposed to be the “Big Girls Don’t Cry” of Double Dutchess, it fails miserably. On the other hand, it’s possibly the realest Fergie has ever been — opening up about her mental health and the pre-fame struggles she glossed over on the infinitely superior “Glamorous.” That state of affairs is also reflected in the video.

Jonas Åkerlund’s sprawling 11:30 minute visual would have made complete sense in 2009 or 2010 at the height of the more-is-more video revival spearheaded by Lady Gaga, but it seems like a relic at a time when budgets are non-existent and major artists are filming videos on cell phones. It also struggles to find the right tone, coming off as unintentionally hilarious during serious moments. However, it sure is interesting to look at and I applaud Fergie for keeping it so real in the documentary segments that appear throughout. It’s a lot to process (the battle scene took me out), but the video had my full attention from beginning to end.

I really hope Fergie sees the Double Dutchess era through to completion and then bounces back with new music sooner rather than later. It’s hard to disappear for a decade and still have a feel for what’s hot. Watch “A Little Work” up top.

#ALittleWork ⛪️⛪️ [link in bio]

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Fergie Stunts In Her Stylish “Like It Ain’t Nuttin’” Video


I could write an essay about the way Fergie’s Double Dutchess rollout has been botched (these are my preliminary thoughts), but the project has suddenly gained momentum over the last couple of weeks with the release of ’90s-house anthem “You Already Know” and the full “Hungry” video. It looks like she saved the best for last with “Like It Ain’t Nuttin’.” Produced by Black Eyed Peas collaborator Will.i.am, the 42-year-old’s latest is one of the best rap songs of the year — by a male or female artist.

Fergie rides a minimal, old school beat like a pro — spitting rhymes about her money and influence. It’s slick, catchy and pleasingly not on-trend. The video is equally impressive. The “Glamorous” diva serves a variety of edgy looks (her eyebrows briefly go missing) and throws money around at a party in a tunnel. It ends with a performance in an underground club, which showcases the hitmaker’s killer moves. Time will tell if Double Dutchess finds an audience, but my interest is suddenly piqued. Which is just as well given that it drops tomorrow (September 22).

Watch Fergie strut her stuff up top.

#YouAlreadyKnow ✂️✂️

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Fergie and Josh Duhamel Split After 8 Years of Marriage


Fergie and Josh Duhamel have called it quits!

The couple is separating after eight years of marriage, they announced in a statement to ET on Thursday.

«With absolute love and respect we decided to separate as a couple earlier this year,” Fergie and Duhamel shared. “To give our family the best opportunity to adjust, we wanted to keep this a private matter before sharing it with the public.»

«We are and will always be united in our support of each other and our family,» they added.

ET has learned they split in February, just one month after they celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary on a family vacation with their 4-year-old son, Axl Jack. The two made their last public appearance together in August 2016, for the premiere of Spaceman.

A source tells ET that they’re «surprised» by the split, because while Duhamel and Fergie were busy, they always tried to make it work.

“Their schedules were so busy that it was almost a surprise when you would see them together,” the source explains. “But Axl was always on their mind no matter what they were doing.”

“They really had a good dynamic together,» the source adds. «They’re both kind, nice, good people.”

8 years!! Love you babe.

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happy 8th anniversary to my bae 💋💋

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uhamel, 44, and Fergie, 42, also spent Father’s Day apart while he was promoting Transformers: The Last Knight in London, but the actor couldn’t help but gush to ET about his wife’s sweet surprise.

«I got this amazing cake from my wife. Actually, my son sent it to me, but it’s a beautiful cake that they sent right in the middle of the junket today. It was really something,» he told ET at the time. «I literally teared up a little bit, because I wasn’t expecting it. I was like, ‘OK, I need a minute,’ because it was so cute.»

«That’s all I really care about,» he added of his family.

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Fergie & Nicki Minaj’s Sleek & Sexy “You Already Know” Video


Just when I thought Fergie’s Double Dutchess campaign was a lost cause, the “Glamorous” legend stepped up the promo with an onslaught on videos and two massive bops. While “Hungry” is more of a mood-setter, “You Already Know” seems to be the 42-year-old best chance of landing an era-saving hit. A pop/rap collaboration with Nicki Minaj, the hook-filled anthem was heavily inspired by ’90s house (it’s basically a modern update of “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock) and has the kind of chorus that weasels its way into your brain and refuses to leave.

It also got off to a good start on iTunes and was warmly received on social media. Time will tell if it connects at radio, but the just-released video should add to its momentum. The black-and-white spectacle, which was directed by Brazilian artist Bruno Ilogti, is sleek and sexy. Fergie serves serious looks while partaking in games like chess and ping pong. Her collaborator makes a cameo and they both strike provocative poses in skimpy outfits. It looks expensive and has all the ingredients to go viral. Watch it up top.

bout to break out of my cage 🦁🦁

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Fergie Announces Her New Album «Double Dutchess» Will Be Available for Pre-Sale August 25 With Twitter Trailer


It looks like we are finally nearing the release of the sophomore record from pop music’s ultimate duchess, Fergie.

On Wednesday (Aug. 16) Fergie took to social media to share a teaser for her upcoming record, Double Dutchess, her first full-length follow up to her solo debut The Dutchess in 2006. The singer also announced that the album will be available for pre-sale on Friday, Aug. 25.

The Black Eyed Peas frontwoman posted “pre-order 8/25 #doubledutchess” on Twitter, along with a short clip anticipating the album’s release. The sleek video features new black-and-white shots of the artist alongside iconic scenes from music videos throughout her career.

In the past several years, the pop star has debuted such new tracks at «M.I.L.F. $» (in 2016), and «L.A.LOVE» and «Life Goes On» (in 2014). See Fergie’s announcement tweet below.

Fergie may have officially left the Black Eyed Peas


The M.I.L.F. $ singer has been doing the whole solo thing for a very long time now, so if these reports are true, this won’t come as a huge shock especially as it was recently suggested that Fergie might have been replaced by Nicole Scherzinger who has been seen mingling and singing with the other three members of the band. After rumours started swirling around that the only female member of the band had been given the boot, Hollywood Life claimed that this wasn’t true and that the 42-year-old left the band due to some ‘creative differences.’

An insider told the publication: ‘Fergie and the [Black Eyed Peas] have parted ways.

‘She wasn’t “kicked out.” It was more a case of they had run their course together and were experiencing creative differences.’

The insider continued: ‘Fergie has been focusing on her solo career a lot, and she wants to head in a different direction music-wise, so it was time to move on.‘Plus, she doesn’t want to be part of a band anymore, there are a lot of egos at play here, let’s just leave it at that. It was actually Fergie’s decision to leave, and the guys weren’t too happy about it initially, but they’re cool now and just looking forward to the future.’

These comments come days after Fergie announced that she was leaving Interscope Records (the label the band are signed with) to work on her second solo album, Double Duchess under her new label, BMG.

And a few hours after she tweeted this, BEP member Taboo Nawasha tweeted a pic of the band before Fergie joined them and wrote: ‘Classic @bep #95TillInfinity’ and fans were quick to call him out on the shade.

One wrote: ‘Fergie has always been supportive to all the group. why you’re acting shady and babyish right now?’

While another shady Fergie fan jumped to her defence and added: ‘I’ll miss Fergie’s 3 backing vocals…’

He even unfollowed her on Instagram and then re-followed her, suggesting that there was some sort of tension between the group.

Considering these guys have been asking us Where Is The Love? since 2003, we hope they can find that love, get rid of any bad blood and hopefully give their fans a reunion one day.

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