Steve Aoki’s Birthday


As of Wednesday (Nov. 30), Steve Aoki is another year older. He’s 38 years young exactly, and everyone knows the best part of birthdays is birthday cake.

Aoki retired the cake gimmick in summer 2015, but his sticky antics live on forever in glorious Internet clips. Let’s honor the Dim Mak headmaster with a reminiscent look back at some of his best bouts of icing insanity.

It’s almost sensual the way he chooses his targets, pointing them out in the audience, teasing them first.

It’s an international affair.

Sometimes, at major festivals like Ultra, one cake just isn’t enough.

Who can forget the time he threw his longest cake ever, a full 80 feet, to hit this fan in a wheelchair.

And while the DJ swears his cake-throwing days are (mostly) over, we’ll never get tired of watching them.