Steve Aoki, Lil Yachty & AJR Make Pop Dance on ‘Pretender’: Listen


Lil Yachty was all over Twitter talking about how he wants to make «a big edm song and perform it at one of those festivals,» and meanwhile, he damn well knew he had a dance-pop tune coming out with Steve Aoki today (May 18).

To be fair, the collaboration with NYC band AJR is no festival-house anthem. «Pretender» is more of a dance-pop crossover with all the trappings of a radio-friendly summer favorite, but it does bring Lil Yachty into the dance music establishment, so the door is open for more.

One does have to give a serious shout out to Lil Yachty’s vulnerability on this track; he raps about being insecure from high school to today. He knows who he is, but he still tries to be as cool as the next rapper, covering himself in icy chains and smiling in pictures just to throw people off the trail of confusion he still walks.

«Pretender» isn’t just a catchy song. It’s something we can all relate to. Hold your head up high and listen to «Pretender» below, out everywhere today on Ultra Records.

This article was originally published by: BillBoard