The rumors were true. Skrillex and Justin Bieber reunite their talents, along with Don Toliver, in a new song. And it is that in November 2020, the news of a possible new collaboration went off when they were caught in the studio. What if the river sounds, water carries, has never made so much sense.

It will be next August 20 when we can hear what these three artists bring. This is Don’t Go, and judging by the progress they have shared on the networks, the R&B sounds will predominate. They have also shared various images that advance what will come this Friday. And is that with such a musical level, we can not expect anything other than a real hit.

The truth is that the musical history of the DJ and Bieber has its origin in 2015. They joined in the well-known hit Where Are Ü Now, which traveled the charts around the world. Subsequently, the figure of dumbstep got down to work on Purpose, the Canadian’s fourth studio album. He played a very important role in this project, since he was part of the production of most of the songs that make it up. Both have always shown true admiration for each other. And it seems that they have taken a liking to working together and giving life to songs that are something to talk about on the charts. If the young and successful Don Toliver is added to this, the result will not leave anyone indifferent.