Shawn Mendes Texted Hailey Baldwin After She Announced Engagement to Justin Bieber


Shawn Mendes isn’t as worked up as people are making him out to be. During an interview with The Project, Mendes said that he texted his rumored ex, Hailey Baldwin, after he found out about her engagement to fellow Canadian pop star, Justin Bieber on July 7.

«I texted Hailey the day of and I said congrats. That’s what it is,» Mendes told Dave Thornton in an interview with the Australian show.» Everybody wants there to be more — there’s not.»

Mendes, 19, has been outspoken about his support for the couple in the past, and told The Project that, «Bieber was a massive influence for me growing up.»

Rumors surrounding Mendes and Baldwin’s relationship began to surface in Oct. 2017 and eventually peaked when the two appeared together at the Met Gala. Shortly after, the model was back in a relationship with Bieber, 24, and engaged after a few weeks together.

Neither Baldwin nor Mendes has ever confirmed that they were in a relationship together.

Check out the full interview with The Project below.

This article was originally published by: Billboard