Shawn Mendes Adorably FaceTimes Camila Cabello During John Mayer’s ‘Current Mood’ Show: Watch


Shawn Mendes and John Mayer took their bromance to Instagram Live on Sunday night (Nov. 17) for the latest episode of Mayer’s Current Mood Instagram show, with a special guest appearance from Mendes’ leading lady, Camila Cabello.

Most of the guys’ nearly 40-minute visit was spent bantering about random topics like Activia yogurt and hotel room towels. But in the middle, Cabello chimed in on the live chat, and naturally, Mendes and Mayer had to call her. Cabello picked up (despite being on the set of her video for «Living Proof») and she revealed that Mendes had just visited her prior to heading to Mayer’s show — where things apparently got a little awkward.

«Next thing I know, she’s doing a dance scene with this guy, and he takes his shirt off, and he’s super jacked, like shredded,» Mendes recalls. Of course, Cabello was quick to assure fans that she only has eyes for Shawn, exclaiming, «Baby, but not jacked like you!»

Before going back to filming her vid, Cabello joined Mendes and Mayer in a short and silly game of «Camila Camendes Camendes Cabello Cabello Cabelas Mendes,» which even had its own theme song. (As far as the game’s concept, trust us, the concept will be easier to understand if you just watch it.)

Once Cabello signed off, the hilarity continued, with the guys later talking about Mendes’ recent collaboration with Taylor Swift on a remix of her latest hit «Lover.» Referring to the song’s opening line, «We could leave the Christmas lights up til January,» Mayer jokingly called Swift «insane» because «everyone does that anyway.»

But before Mayer and Mendes signed off, Cabello made sure to get in one last comment: «Finish already, so Shawn can take me on a date.»

Watch the full episode of Current Mood with Shawn Mendes below.

This article was originally published by: Billboard