Rihanna Unleashes Her Cosmic Video for ‘Sledgehammer’ From ‘Star Trek Beyond’



Rihanna flexes her supernatural powers on a foreign planet in the spacey visual for «Sledgehammer,» the Sia-penned track off the soundtrack for the sci-fi flick Star Trek Beyond.

«You’re just another brick and I’m a sledgehammer,» sings an eyebrow-less Rihanna, who plays a beautiful alien in a billowing red ensemble and cosmic face paint while lifting matter and boulders with her hands. By the clip’s end, the Starship Enterprise also makes a cameo, then flies into a shimmering Rihanna-shaped constellation.

According to the singer, «Sledgehammer» is the first ever IMAX music video. It made its debut on Tidal and Vevo an hour after premiering on IMAX on Thursday morning (June 30).

Travel through space to Planet Riri with the full video below before Star Trek Beyond lands in theaters on July 22.

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