Rihanna «Protective» Of Hassan Jameel Romance: Fears Another Public Heartbreak After Drake


Rihanna and billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel have gone totally underground with their romance. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on how she’s trying to avoid any public heartbreak like she had with Drake.

After getting caught by paparazzi having a super hot make out session in a Spanish pool back in late June, Rihanna, 29, has taken her romance with Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel, 29, completely off the grid. “Keeping her relationship with Hasaan out of the spotlight is a priority for Rihanna right now. She hates the avalanche of attention that happens whenever she’s got a new man, it always causes drama. She wants what she’s got with Hasaan to last so she’s being very protective,” a member of Rihanna’s squad tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively. 

In previous romances with the likes of Drake, 30, and Chris Brown, 28, the pop superstar was happy to be seen out and about in public, hitting the clubs with her men. Not this time around, as she wants to keep their love away from the spotlight. “Most of the time they don’t even leave the house together, that’s how much she wants to avoid the attention and all the baggage that comes with it,” our insider continues. The pair was last seen out in public when they jetted in to Ibiza on June 29, but have managed to completely avoid cameras since then. Click here to see pics of Rihanna’s boyfriends.

“But they can’t stay hidden all the time, She’s super social and wants to be out and about with him showing him off. It’s a tricky line to walk,” our insider adds. The couple finally came up for air in public, reportedly hitting up London’s Chiltern Firehouse on Aug. 16. The Daily Mail says that Hassan even walked her to her car in the rain under her umbrella, ella ella…even though the paparazzi didn’t manage to get a shot of the couple and only got a pic of the back of her head!

Rihanna had a really hard time getting over her break-ups with Chris (Brown) and Drake and a big part of the problem was how public it was. She doesn’t want another heartbreak with the world watching. This is a way to safeguard her relationship and her heart,” our source adds. Considering how her fans completely lost their minds when they found out she was dating Hassan, it’s probably best to keep the world guessing what’s going on between them rather than totally live out their romance in public!

This article was originally published by:  Hollywood Life