Rihanna Feels Terrible For Drake After Hearing Pregnancy Rumors: She ‘Has Love’ For Him




Can Rihanna kiss it better? She feels absolutely horrible for Drake after hearing the shocking pregnancy accusations coming from Layla Lace. Turns out, the singer ‘still has love’ for her ex-BF and wants to help him through this. We’ve got the EXCLUSIVE!

Just because Rihanna, 29, and Drake, 30, didn’t make it as a couple, that doesn’t mean they can’t be great friends. “Rihanna is embarrassed for Drake after hearing the news that he may have knocked up a random hookup,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “She’ll always have love and a soft spot for Drake, so the news still bothered her a bit. Rihanna knows he can be a player, but doesn’t believe any of the accusations. She’s totally Team Drake on this one!” So sweet


This article originally appeared on Hollywood Life