Puppet Ed Sheeran Watches His Balloon Lover Float Away in ‘Happier’ Video


Puppet Ed Sheeran is back! But unlike the last time we saw this version of the ginger-haired crooner in 2014’s party-filled and troublemaking video for «Sing,» this time, he’s experiencing some serious heartbreak.

As Sheeran sings in the opening of «Happier,» his puppet walks down 29th and Park Avenue only to spot his ex — a balloon girl, naturally — enjoying a laugh-filled meal with another puppet. After flashing back to when that was him and her, Sheeran makes his way to a bar to drink away his pain with some whiskey, later playing the song on a sidewalk with a sign that reads «Heartbroken and unhappier.»

Haunted by his ex’s memory as everything around him turns into balloons, Sheeran once again returns to the fateful corner of 29th and Park only to see her again. But now she’s the one experiencing the heartbreak as her new puppet beau lets her go, and Sheeran has to watch his love float away — literally.

Sheeran’s previous video for the ÷ track «Perfect» recently hit 1 billion views on YouTube, which he celebrated on Instagram just before dropping the «Happier» video. It’s unclear when we’ll see puppet Sheeran next, but hopefully his story is a little «happier» next time.

Watch the «Happier» video below.

This article was originally published by: Billboard