Pregnant Blac Chyna Looks Forward to Showing People That She’s Not Just Some »Stripper Ho»


Blac Chyna is baring it all, both physically and mentally.

The pregnant model and entrepreneur, who is expecting her first child with Rob Kardashian, posed nearly naked for Ellemagazine’s latest issue, where she dons nothing but some sheer lingerie and her growing baby bump in the series of black and white photos.

But along with flaunting her figure for the camera, Chyna talks about her journey to this point (noting she once made $15,000 stripping one night, and mentioned that exTyga can be «kinda cheap» sometimes), and opens up about her highly publicized relationship with the E! star, the roller coaster ride with his famous family, and her future as a Kardashian—which will begin with a brand new E! series called Rob & Chyna.

And that’s something she looks forward to most, because she hopes to strip (no pun intended) people’s preconceived notions of her away through the wonderful world of reality TV.

«I wanted to show people my personality, that I’m not just a pretty face or what some people paint me out to be: this bad person, this stripper ho,» she says. «I want them to see me as a mom, a business-woman, a growing being.»

She continues, «We’ll bring people into our world, and then they will start rooting for us, and when you have people rooting you on … it always makes things better. Rob is going through his depression, but I feel like if he has the support from his fans and people from the outside, it will help. It helps to have people around to give you that confidence.»

Blac Chyna’s relationship with Rob birthed a lot of drama with the Kardashian family. Many began to question Chyna’s motives for being with Rob, and the tangled web of crossover lovers within that group (as we all know, Kylie Jenner is dating Chyna’s ex Tyga), however the bunch have managed to get over past grievances and move forward (just don’t keep asking how they’re doing).

«We all have a really good relationship right now,» Chyna claims. «Everybody is talking. Everything is good.» However, when the interviewer tries to dig deeper, Chyna responds, «I said everybody is fine now. Can you please move on?»

So, they move on to focus more on baby news. Blac Chyna and Rob will reveal the sex of the baby on the premiere of their show on Sept. 11, but have already confirmed they will not be giving their little one a «K» name. «The baby won’t have a K name. We both agreed,» she says.