One Bit & Noah Cyrus’ “My Way” Video Is A Pastel-Colored Dinner Party


In addition to forging a reputation as one of pop’s most exciting newcomers, Noah Cyrus has something of a side-gig as a club queen. Last year, the 18-year-old has lent her voice to Marshmello’s “Chasing Colors,” Alan Walker’s “All Falls Down,” Matoma’s “Slow” and One Bit’s “My Way.” The latter is built around a sample of Mylo’s “Doctor Pressure” and has all the makings of a crossover hit. Streaming numbers are good, it’s getting love from Radio 1 and the UK duo just dropped a cute, pastel-colored video.

“We originally co-wrote ‘My Way’ to a completely different track with Katya Edwards— a great songwriter friend of ours,” One Bit explains. “The vocal from that original version was a lot slower, so we sped it up and put it onto the early stages of what became ‘My Way.’ When it was all together in its current form we got in touch with Noah to see if she was up for featuring on it. Thankfully, she said yes!” The rising star also appears in the video, serving looks and choreography. Watch her in action up top.

This article was originally published by: Idolator