Nick Jonas Drops An Acoustic Version Of “Find You”


Nick Jonas relaunched in mid-September with “Find You,” a pleasant addition to the growing canon of acoustic guitar-laced EDM bangers. (Take a bow, Avicii and Robin Schulz). After exploring soulful pop on his self-titled debut and dabbling in club sounds on the follow-up, the hitmaker’s latest falls somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, it got off to a relatively slow start on pop radio and iTunes. The 25-year-old is hoping to resuscitate the single with a breezy, stripped-back version.

If anything, “Find You” sounds better without the club beats. The acoustic version has a drowsy, lounge-y quality that makes it a winning addition to any chill-out playlist. It will be interesting to see if Nick continues to promote the song or move on to the second single from NJ3. He really needs a hit to reestablish himself as a chart force after a string of underperforming singles and this doesn’t seem to be it.

This article was originally published by: Idolator